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Sunday, August 15, 2021

JMC photo art

This Sunday morning, I was scrolling through Tumblr and came across JMC photo art. 

At the first glance, I was thinking okay there must be more to this, but as I continue to scroll down, I was becoming more intrigued. 

Was it the body of the men or was it the position or the artistic stance? Or was it the thought "  I'd love to have him across my lap"  

All of thee above! I'm not too sure about the website, yet. But I am going to look deeper into this. 

As far as I can see from the start and what I have always figured, the body is a work of art. No matter the size or color, I believe the body is magnificent.

Even when I'm spanking those round or flat, skinny or phatt, brown, black, yellow, white or pale butt cheeks. 

Making my own design of redness. Making sure to completely color the canvas of dark red, hand and brush design.

Spanking art comes in all shapes and sizes, with all different types of artist and work of the artist. 

I say that because, as I write about spanking art, there is not one picture posted in this article that shows anything that involves spanking. 

But the more we think about and glance at these gorgeous men,
our minds take us to the mind of a an artist about to mask the canvas of with bright red strokes of the brush.

Yes, I Know your mind is going and your hand is probably stroking the ego of your mind of how your going to complete tis work of art. 

Either way, my friends, stop past and check out more of JMC photo art.. 

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