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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Happy Saturday- Baby Boy Issac


Baby Boy Isaac wanted to say hello with his Saturday morning maintenance session clips. 

Baby Boy enjoys showing off his twink-type body and his round, cute spankable butt. 

Spanking has become a daily routine for him each day before heading out. 

You definitely will continue to see more from Daddy's Baby Boy.. stay stunned... 

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Baby Boys Assignment

To start with, I don't find anything abusive in this our relationship the spanks are to keep me going and to correct me when am wrong ,it make feel right and do things in accordingly, when it comes to my body cleaning,my room cleaning and teeth care because daddy inspect them always to make sure is done in the right and proper way.


Also the very important part is my morning devotion which Raises my spiritual awareness to become spiritually fit because daddy make sure I pray and read the Bible everyday .Daddy and son time : it always great moment to have time with daddy to discuss issues concerning my health ,needs and emotional problems .I was very glad I talk with dad on video call this morning .

Second part : relaxing or masturbation time: its very important ,it  help me to relax the mind and released stress to make the mind the free .oiling up the body :


this part is to protect my skin (not to tear up during spanks) ,make me pure and sign of obedience .

Daddy has explain to me oil was use to clean and purify the skin during ancient times.learning time : daddy always send me couple of information from theory and new ideas for me to learn new things to exercise the mind and keep me updated .I explore my knowledge through learning slides sent by daddy .

In Inclusion: I feel very great to have or been under a domestic relationship with daddy .It keeps me  going ,do the rights things at right ,raise my spirit level ,keeps me very clean and fresh with my body ,room and surroundings . 

Lastly.  I explore new ideas across the world and get superb love and care from daddy .

Thank you daddy for accepting me as your one and only son.

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