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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Bad Butt Baby

Bad Butt Baby 

Bad but baby has been out of the spotlight for a little time now. But now I think it is just the right time to bring him back to the light. 

Bad butt it's not too much of a bad boy,but he has his moments where he needs strict and firm discipline, not just for one day but on a daily basis. 

Bad butt is a very respectful and respected individual who is very obedient. He keeps up with his chores daily and always keeps his curfew. 

Maintenance spanking has a lot to do with his obedient behavior. Making sure that he stays on the straight and narrow. But just like any other boy he falls off sometimes and that is where I come in to make sure that he gets back on track. 

Like I said before in another post that I did sometime ago, being a domestic disciplinarian involves more than just spanking the boy and sending him to the corner. Bad Butt, is an example of that. 

Taking time with him and showing him love and affection listening to his thoughts and his ambitions in life and just ordinary everyday things. Is something that a lot of boys need. 

When bad butt has a clean slate I always enjoy giving him exotic spankings and the things that go along with it, truthfully I think he enjoys it more than I do. 

You all will see a lot more of bad butt and even the result of his antics that he pulls every now and again. 

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