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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Saturday - Boy Butts

Boy Butts 

Tumblr Spankable Butts 

So many things cross our minds when we come across most of the sexiest Spankable bottoms.

If your reading this, that means we are on the same wave length  " Spanking ". We all have imagined taking these boys and giving them a " well to do". 

Doesn't really matter the size, the only thing that matters is real discipline that these boys need. 

All of these stills were found on Tumblr from many different pages. What is it about a man's ass that sends us into a spanking frenzy? We could be out and about a see a boy walk by us and we look straight at their ass. Now a days, it's hard not to look, figure they are wearing tight pants or they are hanging low, exposing their Spankable bottoms.  I wonder sometimes if they just are waiting for someone to be brave enough  to smack and grab those big round cheeks. 

 The way that they are sagging their pants or wearing their tight  Fitting pants And the way that they look when they notice that someone is noticing them, Give me the impression that they really do really do want exactly that. 
Sometimes we try not to pay any attention to them because it seems that they are walking with their significant other female or male but but again, when they are noticed by us spankos,  they tend to have a grin until they are noticed by thier girl.. 

 Oh yes I believe that they want it, I believe that They need it, They just don't know how to go about asking for it. 

There is something about a man Spanking another man, it is a totally different feeling To some, than a woman disciplining them.  

 Adult male spanking it's one of the best things that I have ever came across game across and the more I get deeper and deeper into it the more satisfied I am when it comes to putting someone across my knee and spanking their a** until it is a bright fire engine red. Not to mention all of the other different positions that comes along with a spanking session. It is something that cannot be explained and I think that all of the disciplinarians reading this article, Will understand or already understand exactly what I am referring to. 

 And If there happens to be any females reading this article and you notice that your man is always sagging his pants or bending over in different ways or likes to play with different belts and things of that nature, Understand that your man is trying to tell you something. 
We could get into That discussion of what spanking does for different individuals but that would take away fromThe article itself. 
 But if you do come across this do not be mad said or dismayed the only thing that you have to do is grab him by his ear pull him over your lap and begin to spank him but do not do it too aggressive because he will feel that his dominance is being taken away, Do this in a playful way but yet move into a more serious way with the smacks become harder but yet do not go so fast take your time and watch how his body moves watch his expressions on his face  Yes he will tell you or ask you "what are you doing, why are you doing this ,you better stop playing, let me up, etc. 
 But do not stop keep your grip and then Move a little faster move a little faster move a little harder whisper things into his ear to relax him and watch how he opens up to the spanking that he always wanted.
This does not just go for women but I figured I would put that in there being  Though there may be women on here searching to find exactly what I just told them. 

 The spanking world has come out of its shell and it has spread across the world.  But there are still some that are stuck in the days where we did not talk about such things where such things were described as taboo. 

 Before I close I will definitely say that this is not a race color creed or religion type of thing, matter of fact as you probably already realized that it is not a thing That it has to be male and male or female or female or female or female. This lifestyle has a lot of room for all. 

 I believe all that has the want  and need or have  that desire to be disciplined should be able to receive that without being judged without being condoned without being looked down on because of this thing. 

Spank on my Fraternity Bros! 

 And all the ones that have the need tap into the world and you will get what you are looking for.. 


Boy Butts 

Tumblr Spankable Butts 

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