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Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Taking time out to lay on the bed and play with himself Evzen has made a choice that is far from ideal. While he might be enjoying himself he is neglecting everything else.

So when Teodor catches him, making him jump and try and hide what he is up to, he has no excuses and finds himself rolled over getting his ass tanned.

Once his underwear is down he is still so horny that he has to reach under himself and play with his dick.


Looks like he is enjoying the spanking, Teodor sees this and confronts the lad.

Theres nothing else to do but make him stop and finish the spanking, which already has the lads ass glowing well.

By the end of the session his ass is red and his dick still hard, looks like Evzen is really getting into things now.

Saturday, February 12, 2022


Teodor has been out again and this time he has found Lukasz.


Back at the apartment, it looks for a moment that Lukasz is having second thoughts before he bends over the table so Teodor can start the session off.


You can quickly see that the interesting hair style that Lukasz has, is worthy of a spanking on its own merit.

The choice of red Tshirt and underwear might be a Lukasz hinting at what he thinks his butt will end up like, and he is not far wrong.

 a first spanking, Lukasz takes what Teodor is dishing out well, even if he is moaning all the time. 

It’s clear that the spanking has hit the mark as by the time his boxers are down, his ass is already glowing nicely. 

This is a great debut for this lad, however, I am not sure if he will be back.

Saturday, December 11, 2021


Sometimes lads really don’t think. Hynek needs a shirt and he sees one of Dimitri’s hanging there and that’s good enough. 

Dimitri, of course, sees it differently and that’s why Hynek finds himself getting a spanking. Dimitri takes this kind of borrowing seriously and spanks the lad accordingly.


Wearing only boxers, Hynek really feels the full force of the spanking and it has an effect on him.


When his boxers are pulled down, he is clearly excited and seems confused by his own reaction.

As Dimitri carries on administering punishments to the lad’s ass, Hynek finds it hard to keep his hand off his dick.

Things are beyond his control though and the inevitable happens.

The paddling ends and Hynek does seem really confused by what’s happened, spanking is a journey of exploration for him.