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Saturday, August 7, 2021



Happy Saturday, everyone, I hope that everyone is having a spanking good time and I do mean that literally. 

This morning, I stopped past CPMan's website to check out the latest updates and noticed that he has not updated his site in a couple of weeks. 

We all know what he is itching for. Yes, a good old-fashioned ass whoppen.

Im not going to go on and on about how much I like his site, because I did that when I first introduced him to the viewers and followers here, but he definitely has a lot to explore. 

These two videos have not much commentary to them, all I can say is that they both must have been very naughty boys. 

I will leave you with this vintage video " Policeman Andy" I would say " I hope you enjoy" but I already know you will. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

CPMan Review

Happy Tuesday, Everyone.

Today, I want to look at a website I never seen before. I was introduced to this website by an anonymous person that I don't have the liberty to disclose. 

But! However, I have gotten permission from this anonymous person to feature some of the videos and pictures. 

I always like to get permission from others before posting any of their work or links to their page or website. I'm not the one who enjoys getting a bare-ass blistering for not following protocol. 

Which, I know many who would enjoy seeing that. 
I have ventured through this wonderful website and I must say " I'm very impressed". 
The theme of " Male/Male Corporal Punishment" is exactly what it is. Some websites say that they are CP but somehow intertwine sex into it. Which in my eyes, it is a totally different thing than corporal punishment. 

I am a fan and a subscriber to corporal punishment. I believe the world would be a better place if corporal/judicial punishment was in play. 

Even though, I know with some of my antics I would be subject to receiving such treatment. Knowing this, it would have kept me on the straight and narrow. 
This website has a section for artwork

and even great stories. 


1. The Water Tower, Part 1

2. The Water Tower, Part 2

3. Woody, Part 1

4. Woody, Part 2

5. Justy and Coach Mac

6. Pledging Wranglers, Part 1

7. Pledging Wranglers, Part 2

8. Grady Pledges Delts

I'm honored to have the opportunity to promote CpMan
I have been talking with him for a couple of days now and his experience in the domestic discipline/ spanking world is extraordinaire. 
Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to have him across my knee for a very hard and long session. 
Stop past and get involved in this spectacular website. I will be posting normally on his s updates. 

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