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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Clips4Sale Shockwave

Good morning followers and viewers! 

The past couple of days or should I say over the weekend I have been in conversation with some  friends and studio owners from Clips4Sale.

We began to discuss the situation with identification of models in the studios on Clips4Sale. 

From my understanding the administration of C4S is demanding that all the studio owners must have all of the models or actors or what have you send in their identification via passport. 

On one hand I can understand why they are doing this, well, my thoughts of why they are doing this. 

I believe that they may be doing this as far as mandatory identification is to make sure that none of the actors /models are minors. 

I can definitely understand that,

 but on the other hand! 

C4S is asking for the studio record keeper and in some cases that record keeper is the owner of the studio to place their name on their web page. Most of the people that I know or I'll say about 10% of the people that I know that are studio owners do not go by their government name. 

They, just like many have studio names that they go by but seemingly clips for sale does not want that. 

I have spoken with a good amount of studio owners and they are in the process of shutting their studio down because of this. 

Speaking with them it all boils down to that C4S is taking away their privacy.

There are models, whether they are spankers or spankees, that do not wish to show their identification/ to show their pictures meaning their face.  But the regulations of C4S is stating that this is what they need to do. 

Taking away this option from the studio owners which is bringing in a great deal of money into C4S is ready to walk away. 

I asked one of my good friends about this and he stated that it’s because of things like revenge porn and consent.. 

Speaking with another good friend of mine we were talking about the finances that comes along with owning a studio the cost of uniform, cameras and tripods, editing suite, memory cards, external drives etc.

With the cost of getting all the identifications for all of the models and making sure that the record keeper is also paid and half the time The record keeper like I stated before is the owner of the company or should I say studio

 ( sometimes) 

He was stating that C4S does not pay out that much money and you spend more money in running a good studio than the money you actually bring in because of the percentage that they take. 

For some larger Studios this may not be a problem but for the small Studios, this is a very big problem when it comes to the finance and of course when it comes to the privacy of the models, on any level.

This act has infuriated a lot of studio owners of C4S and as I stated before I am sad to say that some of our favorite studio will be gone. 

They have stated to me that they will not bow down to this act and they would rather step off the platform of C4S and find other outlets for their spanking businesses. 

I would love to tell you the names of the people that I've talked to and the studios that are leaving C4S. 

But unlike C4S, I uphold PRIVACY !!!!! 

BAD, BAD C4S.... 

Last words from a highly respected owner on this subject. 

It's not so much the Studio owner's id order to register a studio and get paid Clips4sale already has my real name. It's the publishing on the website of the real name and more importantly that non-paid volunteers i.e. everyone else in my video, who are purely amateurs must have their real names faces and identities photographed by the 'Record Keeper' and this must be available for inspection if required.
All participants in videos for sale, regardless of them being anonymous volunteers must reveal their identity to the 'Record Keeper' who must photograph them with their photo ID and they must sign and date a disclaimer in their real name which has 'kille'd my Clips4sale studio from uploading any future videos for sale.

My spankees are all volunteers and often in permanent relationships that don't include spanking, or in occupations which they won't allow their real identity to be known to me or the rest of the world. Most of the guys I've known for years have never revealed their name, address or personal info to me and now would be forced to do so. 

It's also all the other video posting sites where they sell the film. Onlyfans, Xtube, PornHub, Spankingtube Library sales etc

it's a new legal requirement...... 

Friday, September 3, 2021

Country Club Preppy - Part 3 - Standard Def

The masked man has the young preppy stud tied with his ass in the air facing a mirror so he can watch his own humiliation as he's paddled like a bitch.  

The young man can do nothing to protect or defend himself as he moans and groans in pain and shame.  

The man beats him with wooden and leather paddles, and his own shoe, first over his pink, country club shorts, then on his bare, muscular ass. 

The young man is made to stare at his face in the mirror, watching his painful reaction to every blow.

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