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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Office Discipline! Featuring William


The boss is not happy with William's progress and his attitude to the job needs some adjustment. 

The boss has dealt with boys like this before and knows exactly what is required for good old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking! 

Williams has no choice in the matter either over the knee or out the door! 

William goes over the knee for a sound spanking on his suit trousers then underwear then bare bottom finishing off with 12 with the hairbrush! 


Saturday, March 2, 2024

Oscars Student Spanking!


Nothing worse than to be found cheating in your exams and that's what happened to Oscar! 

He has been summoned to the headmaster to deal with and knows what's coming. 

The Head does not like cheaters and has no alternative and that is to put this very naughty lad over his raised knee for a delicious spanking- starting on shorts, then underwear, then bare. 

Being over a raised knee is not the most comfortable position for a boy, so perhaps Oscar will remember this punishment! 


Oscars Student Spanking!


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Campus Discipline Featuring Ashley!


On his return to campus after the summer break, Ashley gets a visit from the principal about his conduct and behavior which has also been reported to his guardian who asks the principal to deal with him. 

Ashley soon learns his fate and reluctantly, bends over for six with the paddle on his jeans, then underwear, then bare bottom. 

Later that same day, the principal pays him another visit- he has been receiving more complaints about Ashley, and this time it's over the knee for a good spanking starting on jeans, underwear, then bare. 

The principal advises him to get ready for bed because tomorrow, he has a lot of classes to catch up with! 

Campus Discipline Featuring Ashley!


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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Swimmers Spanking! Featuring Jack


The Swimming coach's patience has finally been exhausted by Jacks's laziness. 

He has no alternative but to teach this young man a lesson in behavior. 

It’s over-the-knee time for Jack with only his swimming briefs for protection. 

These are soon to be removed for some more hand spanking swiftly followed by 20 swats with the ping pong paddle! 

Swimmers Spanking! Featuring Jack 



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Friday, January 5, 2024

Double Trouble! Featuring Harry And Will


Harry and William, have been summoned to the headmaster's office. 

Outside they discuss their impending doom. 

Both know they are going to go across the headmaster's knee to get their bottom spanked for misdemeanors. 

Will they be back again? 

They might be!  


Double Trouble! Featuring Harry And Will


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