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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

New Spanking Model - Delmas

Happy to introduce a new model for Discipline Matters. 


Dalmas is a boy from Kenya whom I can talk with. Dalmas is new to the spanking world but is definitely willing and wanting to know the spanking world. 

He also has a page on stripchat,  where he performs. We are working on a few films where he will be punished for his antics. 

Dalmas is a hard-working man who enjoys being spanked, but we will soon see that the thought will be a reality. 

Below is his first intro video; he says more is to come. 

From Delmas

"  Welcome, am Dalmas. Follow me as we spank together. Get more on my official page as handman2834. Please click and follow and let more tips come. Thank u." 

Stop pass and check him out; he will have the latest updates at Discipline Matters. 

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