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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Spanked for being Suspended

Miguel, here over my knee for getting suspended at work.

Spanked for being Suspended

Miguel, here over my knee for getting suspended at work.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Talking with Daddy- D4DB

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Talking with Daddy- D4DB


Good morning, Sir. Thank you for taking out the time to sit and talk with us here at " Discipline Matters" It is an absolute honor to have you here, with us. We have all watched the beginning of your journey in the "Spanking World" and are currently a part of your fan club. I know the followers and viewers are excited to get to know the man behind the paddle. 

How would you like me to refer to you? 

You can refer to me as Daddy    


Ok, thank you, I don't want to end up on the other side of your paddle. 


Yes Sir, Daddy. When you first got started as a spanker aka daddy, how was it? Was it something you always did or was this the first time on the block? 

Spanking is something that has turned me on for as long as I can remember. I gradually got into the scene - first just casually spanking guys I was with, and looking for hookups on different sites. I went to a local spanking party once but didn't really participate. I learned from those experiences that spanking is the biggest part of my sexuality. This is my first relationship with spanking incorporated in it. I'd always fantasized about being in a relationship where spanking was a regular part of the relationship. I'm very lucky to have found that.

Let us dig into domestic discipline:

As a couple, do you use domestic discipline in your relationship, or is it more exotic or " Just for Fans"? Could you go deep with us? 

It's a mixture. We have spanking play pretty much daily in our house. At times, multiple times per day haha. Most are to reinforce our roles and keep my boy in the submissive headspace and because Daddy wants to. We share bits and pieces of it online on our various sites, which has been a pretty fun experience.  

We know since the pandemic things have seriously changed what effects if any has the pandemic had on you both in your personal lives as well as the spanking industry? 

Well, we had already planned on moving in together in March 2020, so the timing was perfect with all of the lockdowns. The biggest shift has been me working from home permanently where we originally planned on me being outside of the home during the day. So adjusting to being around each other 24/7 and maintaining the dynamic took some work and lots of communication.

As far as the spanking industry, I'm glad we were able to share our content with the community while many weren't able to actively play during the pandemic. I know I was really looking forward to attending some of the spanking events, which were all canceled. Hopefully, now that things are starting to open back up, we will be able to make it to some and meet more fellow spankos in person.

I know you probably get a lot of requests from others for you to spank them? How do you deal with that and do you ever take them up on their request? 

I do get many messages from boys looking to get spanked by me. During the pandemic, we tried to stay as safe as possible and didn't meet up with any other boys. But I have met up with a few before the pandemic and after things started to open back up. I chat to make sure they are a good fit for a session with me and go from there.


Lastly, I wondered if you would give any advice to any upcoming spanking models coming up in the industry? 

My advice would be to have fun with it and don't do it solely for money. Also, don't pay too much mind to the negative comments from random users.

Can we look forward to anything new coming from you, in the near future? 

No huge plans are other than what we are doing right now.

Wow!  thank you for the last comment! This is also a big event for us. I hope we can bring you back in the near future.  We want to thank you, once again for your time and for your contribution to the "Spanking World" We hope to see many more great episodes for you and your sub/ boy. 

You can see the awesome work from Daddy on his just only fans page by clicking here and also you can catch him on Twitter by also clicking here as well as

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