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Friday, July 30, 2021

My Thought

 Good morning, everyone. I am in hopes that you all are enjoying the blog. Many of you may know that this blog is a continuation of my previous blog " The Art of Male Spanking". 
Unfortunately, I made the mistake of deleting T.A.M. and yes, I did not back up any material. 
Before you all say it, I know I need a good-ass spanking for this situation, I felt it when it happened. 

But I am trying to pull things back together. I am happy to announce that I have contacted all the productions and studios that I was promoting and things will get back to its normal stance. 
Although I lost a lot of viewers and followers, because of my spankable mistake, I hope to find them or they find us again. 
If anyone reading this wants to be featured on Discipline Matters, just email me, and we can get things on their way. 
I truly apologize for my mistake and I hope to make it up to you with up-to-date postings but of course, 
I have to add the old school, we cannot leave them out. 
I am also searching for new amateur spankees and spankers who are just coming into the industry or just amateurs that love to be filmed while spanking or being spanked. 
I know many of you are saying " Just go to Spankingtube, even though that is the easy way of doing things. I like to hear from the models themselves. It's a connection feeling, I guess. 
But you never know, you may get your big break on Discipline Matters, and you never know who is watching. 
But anyways... 

Thank you for your time and I wanna thank British Boy Fetish Club, for their contribution as well as CPMan, Cp4men, Bottomline Studios, Sting Pictures, and loads of amateur studios. 

Have an excellent spanking weekend. 

Domestic Disciplianarian 

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