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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Owen Belt and paddle


Owen has turned up guilty and in need of a flogging. 

So once he is stripped and restrained he gets the belt on the chest and belly. 

This has him squirming and struggling around amid his wails. 

Then once he has had that he gets some great hard shots with the paddle to the inner thighs, this really has him moaning and protesting. 

A super clip with Owen 

Owen Belt and paddle   

Bad  Boys Gang

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Jason Horny Flogging


Jason asks for a flogging which is most unusual for him, but when he undresses we see the reason, well maybe it's the reason. 

Jason is getting a lot more out of flogging than he is telling us. 

Even as he gets shot after shot from the martinet his dick stays hard and he seems to be in the zone with this session. 

Let's hope that as well as a fine set of welts he gets even further into that special place soon. 

Jason Horny Flogging

Bad Boys Gang

Friday, November 17, 2023

Rene Caned


Like many lads, Rene is caught jerking off and taking too long in the shower. 

The best way to deal with this is to give him a flogging. 

He is spread eagle on the bed and gets some super cane strokes to the inner thighs. 

But the shot to the dick is the one that tells him he should find the right time and place for his habits. 

To finish off he gets strokes to the belly and chest just to make sure he remembers next time he takes too long in the shower.

Rene Caned

Bad Boys Gang


What is it about Rene, I don't know. Is it his boyish charm and devilish smile? His fantastic athletic bottom or his cocky attitude? I have not narrowed it down yet, but from seeing his starting point to now, I can see something about him that brings me to put him on my top spankable boy list. Wanking off in the shower does warrant a flogging/ canning, but I would have added some Over-the-knee, hard-hand spanking at a fast pace that would not have been forgotten. 

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Brothers Flogged


These two together are a recipe for mischief and mayhem and that's why they are here today facing a good hard flogging. 

Restrained to a tree they get a belt flogging that should be a lesson for both to remember for a while. 

Starting off with some great shots to the front, belly, and chest - with one low one to the junk for Jamie, they start to look quite forlorn. 

The back flogging is just what's needed to finish off this super hot flogging for these two lads.

Brothers Flogged


Brotherly Love! 

Seems that Domton has been serving up two of a kind recently  and I am one to say " Thank You" . There is no other bond that is tighter than a brother and to be disciplined together is another sure way to have a tight bond. I am sure afterwards they probably gave each other a couple of smacks on their redden and tender boy bottoms. 

Monday, October 30, 2023

Mitch on the Bench


here are a couple of favorite positions to flog a lad in and this happens to mine. 

Laying on a hard wooden bench, the unforgiving wood under him and the unrelenting flogging on top of him - just perfect. 

Mitch looks wonderfully uncomfortable as the strokes from the martinet land on his back and bring out some great color The height of a bench also maximizes the impact of a flogging, as Mitch is finding out. 

Looking at his back at the 

end it's a real picture.

Mitch on the Bench 


Bad Boys Gang


After reviewing this video, I must say that this video is an A1 type of discipline. It is not clear what brought on this punishment, but I can tell it was well deserved. This style of discipline is a great example of how domestic discipline is supposed to be administered. Take a look at the scenery, a concealed location, separate from the usual. Mitch is stripped down to nakedness and ordered to lie across the bench. The whipping aka Flogging started from the top of his back and worked down to his thick and round butt. This method repeated several times and you can tell he wanted to get up but he knew if he did things would have gotten more severe. 

This is a must-see video! 

Owen Belt and paddle

  Owen has turned up guilty and in need of a flogging.  So once he is stripped and restrained he gets the belt on the chest and belly.  This...