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Friday, May 24, 2024

Adan Leather Flogger


Adan looks a bit apprehensive this time and as he undresses we see why, he is definitely a bit horny. 

The leather flogger lands on his chest and belly with great resounding thwacks and he is soon starting to wriggle around. 

Being suspended he has little choice in taking all that comes his way. 

But in the end, he cannot help but pull his meat and show his enjoyment. Adan is coming along well, let's see where we can take him next time. 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Grant and Taylor pay Together


Grant and Taylor have been up to no good together so they have to pay for it, but to make sure that as they acted up together they are going to be flogged together, and not side by side. 

they are suspended together so they are face to face. 

This is very humiliating and they are both very uncomfortable with the position. 

As one squirms round the other comes into the shot and the action is hot all the way through the clip. 

{ Priceless Shot} 

It's a great new way to punish two lads simultaneously. 

Grant and Taylor pay Together 

Domnton7Domnton7/ Bad Boys Gang 

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Tel Flogged and Caned


Tel, with his ever-cheeky smile, is back again as he cannot help getting into trouble. 

To make sure he mends his ways he has to take a martinet flogging and a caning in this session. 

leaning up the tree and lifting himself slightly he is presented well for both of the sets. 

The martinet makes short work of his back and has him squirming around. 

Then the caning to make the point final is a great finale to the clip.

Grant Bastinado


Not only does Grant get a bastinado in this clip he gets something a bit extra at the end.

 This is a first for Grant and he had no idea what to expect. 

Sat in the back of the truck with his feet presented at just the right height. 

As soon as the first stroke lands his face changes completely, shock, surprise, and far from happy. 

It is a classic reaction to a first bastinado. 

Then he has to hold out his hands and get a set on them as well. 

Both his hands and feet are throbbing wildly at the end of the clip.

Grant Bastinado

Bad Boys Gang


Saturday, March 30, 2024

Robin and Ryker Caught


The two lads are caught smoking in the house and they know the rules are clear no to. 

So to make them pay they have to take off their T-shirts and get ready for a flogging. 

Kneeling on the floor bending forward over the table the martinet is laid across both their back in turn. 

The color soon comes out and the lads look great, although they may feel differently about it. 

No wonder they both promise to not smoke in the house in the future.

Robin and Ryker Caught

Bad Boys Gang 


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