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Monday, April 4, 2022

“Tales from the Headmaster’s study”

“Tales from the Headmaster’s study” – Episode One “Hollis and Chambers go Wild”

Here are some pictures from the first episode in a new series from Sting entitled “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study” Filmed in and around the traditional Headmasters study (Principles Office in the USA) each episode will feature different models or favourite lads all with one thing in common, they are in deep trouble with the Headmaster.
It won’t be just the Head dealing out the discipline. When his arm gets tired he’ll be handing over to the Deputy Head, A Housemaster or PT teacher to help deal with the wayward students who foolishly cross his path. The series won’t just cover the British halls of learning either; Sting will be going Down Under, Out to Africa and Stateside USA to assume the disciplinary position! The line-up will include new faces, regular offenders and different Instruments of persuasion but always with some good sound OTK spanking to complete the picture.

Episode One “Hollisand Chambers go wild” stars Leonardo King as Hollis and new boy Luke Radley as Chambers.

The story opens with a ruckus in the 6th form dormitory. The headmaster bursts in is non-too pleased that these two boys continually disobey the rules. The fist to feel his anger is new boy Chambers who receives some instant discipline. He is soon laid out across the bed and the Heads knee for a good spanking. This is a first spanking for Chambers whose smooth firm backside soon starts to redden under the stinging and relentless slaps.

              Leonardo as Hollis

Due to his seniority and reputation as a troublemaker a more severe punishment awaits young Hollis. After being sent to the sanatorium where his backside shaved in preparation for a good spanking Hollis knocks on the Head’s study door…..

 Having weighed up all the infringements recently committed by young Hollis the Head decides to deal firmly with this 6th former. The red leather spanking chair is placed and Hollis is soon studying the wooden parquet floor awaiting the raw and burning slaps that will descend on his well raised bare bottom.

The Headmaster, determined to instil some discipline in to the lad, finishes the job with his well-worn heavy brown leather belt, especially reserved for insolent older boys! It’s all to good effect and Hollis bucks and cries, the cruel leather inflaming his naked butt cheeks to perfection….

Well, maybe Hollis and Chambers won’t get so wild in future but perhaps we all hope they will!

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Discipline USA 5

Some college students are just downright lazy and carefree thinking they are far too cool for school. One such senior (Ryan Conway) has to report to the Principal’s office. He arrives outside and even at this stage of his disciplinary hearing decides to light up a cigarette, right outside the office!

This is a pretty dumb if not brazen act of defiance and of course infuriates the Principal even more. This boy will need to be shown who is the boss around here and a good paddling right down to his bare butt is a good place to start.

After this, senior or not, he can go over the Principal’s knee for a good spanking!

Thursday, February 3, 2022

TS Morsus Before The Mast (Part 2)

As we have seen before the captain at T.S Morsus runs a tight ship. The discipline in this training establishment is strictly maintained! Many of the boy seamen who end up on a charge will opt for an off the record punishment rather than let it stain their overall report prior to senior service.

 So it is that Boy Seaman Thompson (new Stinglad Mike Dean) and Boy Seaman Cameron (Nicholas Salter) find themselves up before the Captain for being absent without leave. 

The Captain orders them to report to their Divisional Junior PTI. 

This Senior Boy Seaman PTI wastes no time in delivering a sound burning spanking to both of them followed by an over the vaulting horse session with an India rubber gym shoe.

Both boys’ bare backsides are blazing at the end, and they are dismissed back to duty, no doubt anxious to avoid such a collision in the future!

The second scene stars Rudi Vallance

Leading Boy Seaman Miller (Rudi Vallance) up before the captain for fighting with local youths in the town. As he was in uniform a very dim view is taken of such behaviour. This time the Captain will deal with it directly assisted by the lads Divisional Officer.

Now changed in to gym kit the young trainee seaman embarrassingly finds himself over the knee of his Captain, for a firm spanking.

Even more embarrassing when his tight white briefs come down and the spanking continues on his bare bottom.

This he takes with the firm shapely round curves of his bare buttocks glowing redder with each slap.

However it’s not over, the captain has left and Miller’s Divisional Officer (Marco) now has his favourite punishment instrument in hand.

Face down on a bench, bare bottom raised high, the lethal leather riding crop cracks home on to Millers backside.

Discipline is being administered and it’s off the record, better this than a problem later on.

The boy Seaman PTI (Simon Lee) might be able to lay it on but now he too finds himself up before the Captain on a charge. 

He’s been drunk and disorderly. This is not the first time and the Captain has had enough! He is ordered to be punished with corporal punishment.

In the backroom of the gym the gym horse has been raised up old style to resemble a canon. 

For this repeated offence the young boy seaman will kiss the gunners daughter but not before a good hard spanking is laid on to his bare bottom.

His bottom, now already stinging and raw from the spanking is now a venerable target as he lays face down on the vaulting horse. Behind him stands the Captain holding a boys pussy (the naval term given to a cat for boys but with six tails of leather)


As it thwips through the air cutting sharply in to the lad’s bare bottom thoughts of being sober in future rush through his mind as does the pain from this historic and formidable instrument!


Note: The cat used in the film is an original antique purchased by Sting. We are told It was used before in an East European boys reformatory years ago.


This video is also available through Sting at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.