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Friday, April 8, 2022

Probation Violations

Probation Violations

From the archives: 

Out on probation and breaking of the rules leads to a choice as Steven is given the option of taking a hiding he won’t forget or being reported and sent back to jail. 

 Needless to say with jail time less favourable a severe dose of corporal punishment takes place with the hand, brush, paddle, strap and cane being applied to his naughty backside serving as a reminder that there is always consequences for his actions.  

From his jeans to being naked Steven is shamed and humbled learning a lesson that rules need to be adhered to.

Through out the years of Stephen aka Toby. We have seen him some terrible predicaments. He has  been across the knees of some of the greatest disciplinarians.  

Stephen has not done any recordings lately but do not count him out, so soon.  What people doesn't realize that he majority of the dialog that Stephen writes it is not something that is made up. Stephen writes about his antics and the corrections. That is one of the reasons that I follow and have been a true fan for many of years. 

A little back story, I started having conversation with Stephen about 12 years ago and we have grown close [ Father/Son] through out the years.  I admit the first time he messaged me, I was in the state of disbelief, at this time I was just starting my Google+ page " Daddy's Playhouse".  Some of you would remember that.  From those days to these days Stephen has definitely matured but yet his antics still stay the same. I will say that he is a hard working person and he does deserve to have a good time,  but sometimes his good times last longer than they should.  

 So do not count young Stephen out he has so much more that he is going to display.  Make sure to always look up his page and see what's going on and look back on the history of Stephen and you will see that he is a boy that needs constant attention and guidance as well as good old fashion spankings. 


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