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Thursday, December 1, 2022

He-ra Prince


Followers, Viewers and Fans.  I am delighted to bring you someone who I have stumbled across while I was scrolling through my Twitter page. 

This young man had caught my eye at first glance. 

I am happy to say that I had gotten a chance to speak with him and invited him to be featured here at Discipline Matters, gladly he accepted 

He-ra, this boy has been touched by grace of spankable booty. Notice the thickness of his ass that screams " Spank Me". 

I believe that he knows it by the many gorgeous pictures he post on his page and the positions he puts himself in. 

Notice, my spankos the positions he is in. Does it remind of of something? Yes, exactly! These are the exact positions that we would put our boys in during a spanking session. 

He-ra is Is destined for a good spanking and I know that you all would agree he is definitely built for it.. 

He-ra displays some awsome costume wear that makes me more believe he has entered our world or has  had a deep thought about it. 

Hopefully,  we will see more of him and his spankable, well curved, thick,  brown bottom  here at Discipline Matters and more to say, more red and receiving a good old fashioned spanking.  

You can see more of him on his twitter page, make sure to follow him and interact with his spank me, ass.. 

" Putting him over my knee for long and hard spanking would be delight for us all".

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