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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Black Neo


Black Neo

I always wondered what happened with Neo. He was a model for Eastbourne back in the day but after Eastbourne had passed away, Neo started traveling and doing other things. I had the opportunity to speak with Neo some years ago, but I lost communication over the years.


Neo, was a great spanking model and if you ever had the opportunity to speak with him he is a very intelligent young man.

I truthfully believe that people like Neo and some of the other greats in the spanking industry. could give some great pointers to the new and upcoming spanking models. 

Here is a few of Neo's performances. And like I always said I enjoy films that are more realistic than a script. And if there is a script they bring the script alive. The spankings are real there is no playing around when it comes to real discipline and in these films.  like these below, proves that. 

I'm not taking anything away from the new studios or productions that are producing male spanking films. Because I think they are great. But sometimes just because the model looks like a spankable boy or looks like someone who needs to be spanked, when you take out the realness of it all, my question is what is the point? 

I guess I could answer the question myself and say that it is for exotic reasons which is totally different from domestic discipline. 

Exotic spanking is very sensual and satisfying but when you are making a film about domestic discipline and it turns into exotic that turns the whole story, not unless domestic discipline is done in one scene and exotic spanking is done in the other. Our friends at spk prod, has proven this. The films  that they make is domestic discipline type of films but yet after the domestic discipline is done then the exotic spanking begins. 

Neo. Barry { both of them} David and Stephan
And a few more that I can count made the script come alive and that is what we need to bring back. Real domestic discipline spanking films. 

[ Click on the photos and it will take you to corner time confidentials and there you will see the interview that they had with Steven and Neo}

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