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Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Natural Art

 Art, What is Art? Is it the drawing or painting on a canvas of the beautiful things of the world or is it the things that we picture in our minds that we manifest into reality? Should it be good in all eyes that bare the sight of the manifestation of your deep thoughts and true emotional feelings? Art, What do you see as art? How do you explain that other than the general definition of such? 

{as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power:}

Personally, the best art in this world is the human body. Whether the body is big or small, the body is a work of art. 

The body and all its beautiful curves and limbs are put together with such grace and perfection. I believe the greatest work of art is the human body.  

I believe that is why we spankos must grip and touch and squeeze the buttocks because of their

beauty. Yes, we want to smack it until it comes to a beautiful color. I know this sounds crazy, but it's just like the taste of aged wine while the symphony plays in the background. 

You behold the buttocks of a man and you massage and rub and began to smack and a slow pace as the man feeling the pleasure moves about, but never up, giving you the sound of gratitude and thanks.  

As you look as you continue to bring color into the picture, you notice the skin tone changing from white or black to pale or Vanella to a dark sinuating red or dark purple. Yes, my friends that is art!  Not moving hastily or becoming too excited about the progress, you as the artist take your time and smooth out the coloring on the canvas, making sure that the color is evenly spread and long-lasting. 

Some art is done with extra drippings. The art sometimes has stripes of a different kind made by different utensils. Some have a cane strip or a paddle mark or a nice, thick and long wide, leather strap makings that brings out the color more broadly. 

The most beautiful work that has ever been known to mankind! 

Have you ever noticed after a long and meaningful sensual and romantic as well as bonding and discipline spanking sessions The redness on the backside of the recipient matches the face cheeks as well?  

The Natural Art of The Human Body 

                                                                                            The Spanked Buttocks. 

Happy Sunday


Happy Sunday 

Hopefully,  you have eaten breakfast and cleaned your rooms and had a chance to have your spiritual Inspiration. 

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Thank all of you for your spanking support  in Discipline Matters 

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Spanking On The Mind

 Today, I was wondering what to post that was not " Copy and Past" Like a good friend of mine said to me about this blog, not being. 

I was going through YouTube and I came across this family  { Stock Twins} that says their dad likes to spank. Now, Obviously, I dug deep into it, like I do and I must say that it was funny. 

I think most people have a fantasy in one way or another about being spanked by their parents/uncles/ aunts/grandparents etc. And then there are those who play it off in a joking matter, but really want it. 

Either way, I think spanking goes far and deep into our minds, those who dare to dive in. As a child, I remember playing spanking games with my friends { Even though at home I got disciplined/spanked on a regular basis as well as they}

and we would laugh and joke about how each other took it or couldn't take it. 

But then later on down the line, my friends would come to me and ask for me to spank them { Of course not together} on a regular basis. I never knew that I would continue with spanking. I guess I always had a thing for it and never knew it until it was presented to me. As I said, it started out as a game and now it's the real thing, and no games are involved. 

If you take a look around you will see spanking content in a lot of things you would have never thought about. For example, I was taking a course or two, and some involved leadership and how to discipline your employees. Now as I was reading this, I somehow related spanking with the course { I aced those courses} and I started to think is it the discipline or spanking that caught my mind flow? 

I believe spanking is a natural thing and those into this lifestyle should embrace it and not be ashamed of it. There are so many people I have met over the years, that are ashamed of what is natural to them. Now, understand that I am not saying you should let it be your number one goal in life, { That will get your butt whopped} but embrace who and what you are, and if you are a spanker or a spankee then that's you. 

My mind was on spanking so I figured I would share this with you all. It would be awesome to hear your thoughts. I would like to hear from spankers and spankees or those who thought about it, but if you're reading this,

then that means you have been scrolling through

" Discipline Matters with the thought of diving in.

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