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Friday, April 1, 2022

Long hand spanking

Before we get started on this post, I would like to thank Jake for doing a shout-out for Discipline matters in his latest video. 

Jake comes to us from the Spanking Tube and demonstrates real domestic discipline. The fact that he does not enjoy being spanked, but he knows that this is what he needs in his daily life. 

But now he is at a point, where he is looking for someone to paddle him and able to hold him down. Now I do want to say that we are not taking anything away from the disciplinarian that has been disciplining him for a great while now. 

Jake, is looking for someone taller and stronger that can pretty much manhandle him. Make him take what he deserves by all means necessary. 

So this is what he says

" I got a few requests from you guys for Jeans, Wedgies, ripped underwear, and fingering in my videos.


This long-hand spanking has all 4 and more.

I also included a short intro, an appeal to anyone out there who is big and strong enough to hold me down for a real punishment with a paddle or hand. It is getting harder to take a spanking (not that I have ever "liked" it,


I only endure it for the video I make, this is why I only go over a lap when filmed). I tried making a couple videos with my friend lately and I just can't take it, and he's a small guy and can't make me.

You won't see any more videos from me until someone strong and experienced enough to give it to me.

 In that way, this will probably be my last video for a long time." 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Spanked Hustlr

After taking advantage and stealing from every member of his family,


Jake decides to prey on a lonely desperate gay guy and con him out of every cent he had, pretending to be gay and in love with his new victim. After taking everything from Nelson, Jake took off and eventually ended up sleeping on a park bench.

Nelson gets wind of Jake's location and offers him a warm place to sleep for the night. Little does Jake know what it will cost him.

Owen Belt and paddle

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