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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Rudi Flogged


Well it didnt take long for Rudi to come back, so this time to step up the pace he is up for his first flogging. 

Smiling nervously he gets the martinet laid across the front of his body. 

he smirks and looks full of bravado until he gets a shot to the junk, that brings him down to earth quickly. 

Its a great first flogging for Rudi 


Friday, June 14, 2024

Noah First Time


This is one of those sessions that just happened.

 Noah came along to see and decided that he would try it out. 

So laying on the bench he gets his back flogged with the martinet. He is a cheerful smiley lad and even at the end, he manages a weak smile. 

It is a rough and ready clip as it was not planned but it has that something about it that makes it very real. 

Noah's First Time


I just love when things go off script! One of those moments that was not meant to happen, but did. I think those sessions are the best. 

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Tel and Jayden Whipped


Two very cheeky lads have turned up to face the music and get a whipping. 

Taking turns they get some fantastic shots with the whip, Jayden is the first to show the full benefit of a whipping with some spectacular welts on his back, 

mind you Tel is not that far behind him. 

It's a great whipping clip with two hot guys. 


Bennet Martinet


Bennet faces his first martinet and seems a little worried about it, rightly so. 

He has to strip and stand with his arms up holding a suspension.

 The martinet is laid across his chest and belly hard and his protests are loud and profane. 

The shot that catches his balls is the one that finishes him off and he is pleading for an end to the session.

 A super session for Bennet

Bennet Martinet


Sunday, April 28, 2024

Rhett Suspended and Thrashed


Suspended by the arms just high enough to keep him on his toes Rhett gets a caning to remember. 

It's a real thrashing and the state of his ass as the session goes on is spectacular. 

A lot of moaning and swinging around and no escape make this a cracker of a session.

Rhett Suspended and Thrashed



I must have been out of the circle in the spanking world to have missed this young man. Rhett is a naturally built young man with a slender upper body and a slim waist. Rhett's bottom is perfect, well rounded and his butt cheeks cuff with a bloom of satisfaction. This young man has a bottom that just begs to be spanked. This clip took me back to 

" Olden Days"  of Corporal Punishment. I listened to his moans and sobs, but if you tune into his words, he sounds as if is being flogged for a religious law he had broken { Forgive me, Lord}.  The position he is in, with his hands bounded and arms upward, reminds me more of a corporal flogging. Rhett has taken his canning like a true disobedient, sinful, but yet sorrowful, Repented and holding in the reasoning of his punishment.  Rhett has definitely earned his black and blue stripes that settle in his soft and gorgeous buttocks.  The preview clip is wonderful but to get the full understanding of what I am saying you must sign up for " Punishment4lads" Or maybe you will be the next crying out for corrective measures.  At the end of his punishment, Rhett has this look on his face as if he had paid for punishment with his scorched buttocks, but looks satisfied, but hurt at the same time. Very cute boy. I think he needs a hug now. 

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