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Saturday, September 30, 2023



Alexis fait savoir qu’il est très agacé par le comportement de Kyle durant un repas organisé avec ses amis. 

La réaction durant cette remontrance l’énerve davantage. La rébellion et l’insolence à l’annonce de la punition annoncée entraine une autre plus efficace. 

Ce sont les fesses bien chaudes que Kyle commencera la corvée punitive…

Alexis says he was very annoyed by Kyle's behavior during yesterday’s meal with his friends. 

Kyle’s reaction to this comment irritates him yet more. 

Kyle is rebellious and insolent when told of his coming punishment. 

That leads to yet more severe treatment. 

Kyle’s butt will be burning hot when he will begin his chore…

Spk- Prod has moved to another location where you can continue to enjoy the magnificent spanking material that they have been producing for some years. 

Spanking French

I am very pleased to see that SPK- Prod has continued to make a lead footstep in " Equal Opportunity Discipline"  I previously wrote an article on this particular thing, last year or so.  I am a person who believes that no matter your color, size, religion, nationality, or creed, If you need discipline, you should be able to receive what you need, by all means necessary. 

SPK-Prod has continued to make a pathway for domestic discipline for all. 

This film is an awesome film to be seen by all the lazy and disrespectful boys who like to be cheeky at the wrong time.  Seemingly, this lad thought that his antics were ignored, but the disciplinarian had it under control the whole time.  Make sure to stop over and check out the entire video and a lot more. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 


SPk-Prod/ Spanking French

Saturday, September 23, 2023

BFI : La fessée de Loic

 Après un rendez-vous manqué avec le Magistrat de parution à fessée immédiate, enfin Loïc se décide à affronter la convocation reçue.  Seule option s’il souhaite continuer le stage par suite de ses retards trop fréquents.  Loïc frappe à la porte du BFI


After a missed appointment with the immediate spanking Magistrate, Loïc finally decides to face the summons. 

 This was the only option if he wished to continue with the course due to his frequent lateness.  

Loïc knocks on the BFI door

BFI : La fessée de Loic

French Gay Spanking Clips




Saturday, August 5, 2023

En retard (Late)

I'll come pick you up early tomorrow morning, don't forget. 

Yes, I know, you’ve told me ten times, answers Lucas to his friend Paul.

 And yet...

Je viens te chercher demain matin de bonne heure, n’oublie pas. 

Oui je sais cela fait dix fois que tu me le dis répond Lucas à son ami Paul. 

Et pourtant…

En retard 



A different type of spanking! 

After watching this film, I must say that is Grade A domestic Discipline on another level. Usually, when you see domestic discipline you think of Dad/Son, Coach / Teen, Mother/Son, etc. But SPK has brought out the other side when a lover/boyfriend/girlfriend disciplines one another for misbehaving, Yes, I know that this is nothing new but I love how this is displayed. By the end of this film, I was on the edge of my office chair, looking for more!  The intensity of the spanking was high but in a loving way, yet got the point across.

After the spanking was so romantic and sensual, I did not want it to end. 

This is a must-see! 

Please leave a comment after you have watched this film and let us know what you think. 

Thursday, June 29, 2023


Dissatisfied with Paul's bad work, Corentin comes to complain to Vittan. 

He does not like this way of coming to snitch. 

He decides to make Corentin understand it. 

Paul will confirm this point of view.




The Journey of SPK-Prod continues!  This production has given us discipline and pleasure throughout the years and I am proud to promote their work. 

Many of their films can be purchased from their site or on Clips4sale!  Don't miss out on their greatly thought-out dialog along with the great spanking of beautiful boys with beautiful butts, being spanked nice and red! 

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