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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Spanking Time


Spanking Time

I was scrolling down while I was on my favorite spanking site " South Spanking
And I ran across the page of spanking time. 

I might be late in the game, but this is the first that I ever heard or seen of this and I must say I'm very impressed. 

Old school discipline, something that you all know that I am a very big fan of.

There was not too much content on the page thus far but from what I can tell this disciplinarian takes spanking very serious,  takes discipline very serious I should say. 

I noticed that he has a just for fans page and I definitely will promote his page all the way through. 

I believe that anybody that delivers good old-fashioned spanking should be supported by all of the people all of the groups in the spanking industry as well in the spanking lifestyle. 

SWACK on the spot here and it will take you straight to his just for fans page and you can also find him on South Spanking as well. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

South Spanking

 South Spanking! 

South spanking is one of the best free spanking sites that I have ever seen. 

I join South spanking some years ago and I have returned there not too long ago. 

I have met some of the most fantastic people on the site and actually made a lot of friends throughout the years.

South spanking has given me the opportunity to share all of the post that I have here and I deeply appreciate that ,so I wanted to take out the time to give them a personal shout out. 

If you have not checked out this website I deeply encourage you to do so. It actually covers all of your spanking desires and needs and I guarantee you that you will meet some fantastic people that you would have  never thought you would.

One other thing that I like about south spanking it's like one huge family and I don't say that, just to say it.. 

It's a true fact.

South Spanking, my home away from home.

Come past and stay awhile..

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