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Sunday, January 8, 2023

The punishment of a salesman - (feet and spanking)

 Jason is a new salesman who on his return from a full day's work of walking from one customer to another, has ended the day without having secured for his boss a single contract. 

So, the boss decides he will punish him with a caning on his bare feet (bastinado), subsequently he gets caned with the same cane on his bare ass. 

He also gets given sets of hard hand spankings. Jason’s ordeal seems to be just starting though since it’s not too long before the cane gets back to work on Jason’s already sore feet and ass. 

Next Jason has an unfortunate meeting with a wooden paddle again used on his already sore feet and ass. 

Hopefully in the future Jason will do a better job as a salesman after having learnt his lesson.

The punishment of a salesman 

(feet and spanking)


Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Basilio is a young 20-year-old student boy from Slovakia,

 he is straight and has a girlfriend, but despite all this the boy is here to undergo a spanking video audition.

Basilio has never had any other similar spanking experiences before, apart from some punishment from his stepmother when he was younger, which too was painful. 

He thinks that now grown up he will be able to bear this ordeal well. We will see if that really is the case. 

As he gets punished with hand spankings, spanked while in the wheelbarrow position,

performs a regiment of rigorous physical exercises and finally gets spanked with a leather paddle, he may actually change his thinking on whether being grown makes such an ordeal easier to bear.


Spanking Boys Videos 

Friday, April 15, 2022


As Pavel prepares for a game of hockey his coach arrives and tells him that he needs a hardy training punishment, and he is ordered to ready himself to be punished with his own hockey stick, after the hockey stick it is followed by a good strong hand spanking.

After the coach continues to punish the boy with an exceptional painful strapping followed by yet another vigorous hand spanking.

Finally Pavel gets to finish his preparations to go and play hockey.


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Sunday, March 27, 2022


There are a few days left before Christmas, and Mito still doesn't have the money to get a nice gift for his girlfriend.

 So he goes to the master who offers him help, but in exchange proposes a very entertaining game to the boy, well at least very entertaining for the master but quite painful for poor Mito. 

Unfortunately, Mito can't escape it if he doesn't want to show up empty-handed to his girlfriend. 

So Mito must grit his teeth and face the harsh reality, even if it is so exceedingly difficult and tempting for him to give up.

 Many a time its seems like he might have to give up, as each subsequent paddle, paddling session and position he has to go through to reach his goal takes an immense toll on his sore ass.

Friday, December 10, 2021


Roman is a new young 21-year-old student, who has asked our master for help with a year of accommodation.


The master explains that in exchange for his room and board he will have to clean the house and cook. Also for any breaking of the house rules he will be spanked. As a welcome to his new accommodation the master wants to administer a good training spanking right away to see if Roman can take a good punishment.

Roman accepts and submits himself for his first naked spanking while over the master's legs.

But this it seems this was just the beginning of his ordeal since,

the master aside from spanking him while in the uncomfortable wheelbarrow position,


he liberally spanks his already sore ass with a leather paddle as well.

His balls don’t escape unscathed either.

The master also has Roman perform exercises which showcases his well-toned body.

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