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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Carelessness - Corrected


Spanking Discipline

Constantly misplacing and losing items.

 Step-Daddy JB decides to take Steven and deal with his lax ways and remind him to be responsible.  

From coats to keys over the last few months, Steven has been absent-minded.

 Step-Daddy (JB) decides to teach him, on his bare bottom. 

 Administers a straight to bare bottom smacking before use of his mean leather belt.

 Steven is naked for the application on his bare bottom.  

Steven learns the hard way that he needs to be more careful and to look after things properly.

Carelessness - Corrected

Spanking Discipline

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Disciplinary Action - Disorderly Conduct Dealt With


Steven gets him behind well and truly smacked and leathered for failing to listen and behaving in a disgraceful manner while away in Scotland.  

With his host exasperated it is decided that the only way to nip his behavior in the bud is to administer a good spanking and a dose of the tawse.  

Bare-bottomed and begging for forgiveness Steven learns that in the Highlands he is expected to be on his best behavior at all times.

Discipline Action

Because Discipline Matters


Our boy, Steven seems to have gotten himself into another stingy situation. We all know Steven always finds himself in a disorderly conduct situation. Steven's antics land him across the knees of a worthy disciplinarian who has to teach him a lesson. Over the years you would have thought Steven { Stephan} would have learned his lesson, but as a growing boy as he is; Steven has still a lot to learn. Log into Clips4Sale and check out this video as well as his butt-burning other videos from the present and past. His round and brown buttocks always need a good tanning. 

Saturday, September 16, 2023

The Yorkshire School Guardian


With Stevens’s behaviour being out of control he is sent to boarding school and introduced to Mr Pietro who acts as the house uncle.  

Scolded for his shameful behaviour Steven is introduced to the disciplinary regime of the school and with a spanking for starters he is soon introduced to the cane.  

Bare bottomed throughout he is taught that there are painful consequences

for misconduct and that corporal punishment is used liberally within the school.

The Yorkshire School Guardian

Spanking Discipline

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Step-Uncle Rick and his Spanking Hand


Having pushed boundaries, broken rules, and been cheeky throughout the day on his day Stevens's guardian for the weekend aka Step-Uncle Rick decides that disciplinary attention is required and on returning home Steven is informed that he is being grounded for the weekend.  

This is, however, a grounding with a difference and he is given pajamas to wear for the duration and informed that spankings will take place throughout the duration on an as-and-when basis.  

Starting initially over the thin fabric of his pjs Stevens's bottom is soon bared as he endures a weekend of discipline where Step-Uncle's spanking hand smacks his behind from otk to the wheelbarrow position and has his legs dangling as Steven is spanked on the high spanking chair.

Strict Step-Uncle Rick promises to spank the naughtiness out of Steven for the duration of his stay.

Step-Uncle Rick and his Spanking Hand

Spanking Discipline

Owen Belt and paddle

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