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Monday, April 29, 2024

Coach Harrison Spares the Rod: Part 1


With missed sessions, tardiness, and his commitment to practice being challenged Steven is left squirming and begging for mercy as he faces the coach's wrath for a range of behavioral issues.  

In his gym gear, Steven faces the consequences as his bottom gets thrashed.  

Coach Harrison gets to the bottom of things leaving Steven a very sorry boy with a tender bottom as a reminder of what will happen if he doesn’t behave properly.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Holiday Greetings From Stephan

 Happy Holidays 


The Unexpected Gift and the Naughty Imp

Caught again Steven is left speechless as he is caught under the Christmas tree trying to get presents as Step-Daddy JB walks in. 

Tired of his antics Steven gets his bottom bared for a long smacking before being told 1 gift is allowed to be opened.  

Excitement soon turns to concern as the gift allowed open is a new bathbrush which gets tested on his behind.

A Christmas disciplinary experience to remember with Steven in his pjs being sent to bed to reflect on his behavior.  

The Unexpected Gift and the Naughty Imp

Spanking Discipline

Through the year 2023, Steven has brought us some great videos not to mention years prior. Steven has traveled down the role as a dom daddy in a few of his videos but he has always returned to the little Imp that he knows he is. Steven also traveled down the road of exotic spanking in a few of his videos and they were absolutely hot!  but nevertheless, Steven always finds himself in the hot seat of a good old-fashioned butt whoppen. I am excited to see what the new year brings for Steven, You can get the latest on Steven's antics here on Discipline Matters. Click the follow button and get all the updates. 

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Carelessness - Corrected


Spanking Discipline

Constantly misplacing and losing items.

 Step-Daddy JB decides to take Steven and deal with his lax ways and remind him to be responsible.  

From coats to keys over the last few months, Steven has been absent-minded.

 Step-Daddy (JB) decides to teach him, on his bare bottom. 

 Administers a straight to bare bottom smacking before use of his mean leather belt.

 Steven is naked for the application on his bare bottom.  

Steven learns the hard way that he needs to be more careful and to look after things properly.

Carelessness - Corrected

Spanking Discipline

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Disciplinary Action - Disorderly Conduct Dealt With


Steven gets him behind well and truly smacked and leathered for failing to listen and behaving in a disgraceful manner while away in Scotland.  

With his host exasperated it is decided that the only way to nip his behavior in the bud is to administer a good spanking and a dose of the tawse.  

Bare-bottomed and begging for forgiveness Steven learns that in the Highlands he is expected to be on his best behavior at all times.

Discipline Action

Because Discipline Matters


Our boy, Steven seems to have gotten himself into another stingy situation. We all know Steven always finds himself in a disorderly conduct situation. Steven's antics land him across the knees of a worthy disciplinarian who has to teach him a lesson. Over the years you would have thought Steven { Stephan} would have learned his lesson, but as a growing boy as he is; Steven has still a lot to learn. Log into Clips4Sale and check out this video as well as his butt-burning other videos from the present and past. His round and brown buttocks always need a good tanning. 

Meno Maintenance

  All lads need a maintenance spanking from time to time and Meno is no different.  Its been a while since he showed up and of course he has...