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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Humiliation of a Thief

When this pick pocket chooses Tony as a victim he makes the biggest mistake of his criminal career.


This clip has a long build up to a great spanking - First the crime, then the humiliation - the thief is made to stand and hold the wallet or face punishment.

The sweat pour s of him and Tony sits and waits, his trembling arms and buttocks and his toes digging in the carpet all inter cut with a clock add to the tension and the eventual indignity that follows.

After dropping the wallet he is first OTK and then into the wheelbarrow before being spun round head over heels, Tonys personal favorite position, the tops of his legs get a cherry red glow as he is spanked BUT then a twist as not every blow is on the legs, his butt hole gets spanked as well...!!!!

Look at this guys face as his hole gets hit time and again - straight guys have a real fear of this spanking and he is no different.

This has it all, story, crime and punishment as well as humiliation and a hot hole spanking at the end....

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Unhappy Philip

Leon has once more overstepped the mark and Philip has to deal with him.

Leon is lazy, messy, and generally untidy and it drives Philip mad.

Marching the lad into the garden and making him take a spanking in the cold winter air adds a lot to the spanking he gets.


only is it humiliating to be spanked outside, in case anyone comes along, it is also cold and hard to stop any shivering being seen as a weakness. 

It does not matter as Philip carries on spanking Leon as it's a lesson he needs. A super clip with these two lads

Owen Belt and paddle

  Owen has turned up guilty and in need of a flogging.  So once he is stripped and restrained he gets the belt on the chest and belly.  This...