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Friday, December 31, 2021

Henri- Domestic Discipline Cottage

Henri is a professional Gardner at the Domestic Discipline Cottage and has been working for Mr. Dom for ten years. Henri has seen boys come and go throughout the years but unfortunately, he has never tasted the wrath of Mr. Dom. 
Henri and Mr. Dom have become very close over the years and have had many discussions about domestic discipline. and how it has made him a better man. 
Late Thursday morning, after brunch, Mr. Dom, dressed in black pants and a black shirt with matching dress shoes, is working in his office. Henri who is on duty working around the Master's Cottage peeps in the window to see if there are any sessions going on before he goes to knock on the door. Once he sees that Mr. Dom is alone, he puts down the leaf blower walks to the entrance of the cottage, and knocks on the door { Knock, Knock}. Mr., Dom answers " Come in". Henri walks in and stands at the door.


" Good Morning, sir. I stopped past to talk to you about, the discussion we had some time ago, about joining the cottage boys. I know I am a little bit older, but us older boys need discipline too". Mr. Dom leans back in his chair and folds his arms and smiles " Yes, you are right and you have waited long enough, remove your clothes and fold them up and place them on the table." Henri removes his Blue shirt, gray shorts, white socks and blue shoes, revealing his blue speedos. 

Seems that Henri has been paying attention to the spanking session dress code because his speedos fall into compliance.


Mr. Dom gets up and walks up to Henri and turns him around and looks at his tight light butt.

He lifts up one side of his speedos and says, " Henri it must have been such a long time since you had a real spanking. Your ass is much to pail" They both start to laugh. 

Mr. Dom walks away from Henri and goes toward the cane closet and takes out the junior cane. Being that Henri has not been spanked in over twenty years, He figures that he would be easy on his little cute butt, for a moment or two. 

Mr. Dom walks back over to Henri swishes the cane about and rest it on his buttocks and taps the cane on his blue speedos three times as he takes his position.

Mr. Dom brings the cane back and flinches his wrist and turns it to the right and comes down fast and swiftly across the middle of Henri's ass.


Henri lets out a moan and fixes his legs into the proper position as he takes a deep breath " Yes Sir" he replies. 

Mr. Dom taps his ass again and comes with the same strength and lands four swats of the cane one inch up from the first { Thwack, Thwack, Thwack,  Thwack!

Henri starts to rethink his request and says " Mr. Dom, I think I made a wrong decision, I cannot handle 

" Mr. Dom says "It's a little to late, my boy. You will finish this out" Henri gets nervous as he looks up at Mr. Dom, while he holds his position on the wall. Mr. Dom then puts the cane done and puts one hand up under Henri's stomach and begins to give him thirty minutes of a  continuous and meaningful  hard hand spanking. 

Henri begins to feel Mr. Dom's big and strong hands smacking his speedo-covered ass, the sting becomes more intense as his ass vibrates with every hit. Henri begins to moan and gyrate his ass about. 


" Oh, Mr. Dom, your hands feel so wonderful on my ass. please do not stop, punish me! punish me! "

Mr. Dom takes Henri by the ear walks him to the rest area and puts Henri in the incline position. Mr. Dom walks over to the night stand and takes out " Old Faithful" an old school paddle, that Henri might of had experience with back in his day. Mr., Dom takes up the paddle and begin smacking his ass full force with " Old Faithful". "Boy, you are really in need of a real old school spanking, aren't you, boy? " Henri replies loudly " Oh! yes sir! I needed you service for such along time { Owww!, Eww ! Owww!} I need and deserve this, Ohh! Owww! " 

After paddling Henri for forty-five minutes, not missing an inch of his now red ass, he grips his ear once again and takes him over to the couch and lays him down and lets him rest there as he sobs and cries,, but he seems to have a stiff penis. Henri tries to hide it, but Mr. Dom notices it and smiles and walks over to his desk in the other room and takes out the punishment book and writes Henri's session in. 

After documenting the details he opens the desk drawer takes out a ginger stick and walks back into the bedroom and over to Henri. Mr. Dom pulls back Henri's speedos and pushes the ginger stick in his shaved and pink ass hole.


Mr. Dom waits until the sting and burn begins to manifest. Henri begins to squirm and gyrate as his ass hole starts to feel the sting " It burns! oh, Gosh! Ohh,,, Emmm," 
Mr. Dom comes back beside Henri and begins to rub and massage his ass " Well, Boy, what do you think now? Was this a bad discussion?" Henri replies " Oh, No Sir! It hurts very bad, but I know I need your discipline, only if we could meet daily, but I know you have other boys to tend to". 

Mr. Dom says" No worries, my boy, we will add you to the roster before you begin your work, yes, I think that will work for you" 
Mr. Dom still rubbing Henri's ass, liking the feel of the spandex speedos. Mr. Dom then says to " Henri" Let me give you something to remember"

 Mr. Dom gives Henri rapid hard, and consecutive swats. The sound of Henri's screams and moans feels the cottage.  Knowing that Henri needs all he can get he screams out " Harder Daddy Harder!" Mr. Dom pulls him across his knee ties his legs with his and gives him an old-fashioned spanking. 

After one hour of an over-the-knee spanking, Mr. Dom takes out the ginger stick and lets Henri up as Henri cries and moans. Mr. Dom stands up and hugs his mate. " Your never too old my friend, Your never too old". Henri walks out of the office, still in his tight spandex speedos, rubbing his ass. 

You are never too old for a good hard and long spanking!

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Sassy Boy Filippo Gets His Just Deserves


Filippo is a young man who was brought in Paris where his parents were very rich and prominent in the community. Filippo is a young man that got his way all the way through elementary to  high school. The way he dazzled the young girls and young boys with his intellectual words and cute boyish looks and built got him over and through many of things.   

Filippo, is a boy that never experienced any type of discipline. We would want to blame his parents, but they were not around much and his nanny was the the type to give him his wants and not his needs. 

After graduation Filippo was sent to a domestic discipline cottage to learn the value of discipline that his parents could not give him. Filippo was not happy about the decision that his parents made, but in order for him to keep his inheritance and bank account, he submitted. 

Arriving to the cottage, he was introduced to the cottage master Mr. Dom. 

Mr. Mr. Dom is a no non-sense type of guy, who does not mind putting a boy in his place. 

Mr. Dom takes Filippo into the back interview room, where there is a bed and a table with different types of spanking implements. 

Filippo walks in and takes a seat on the chair, folding his arms, looking as a snobby boy,  as if he is in a whole new world. 

Mr. Dom says to Filippo " You were sent here by your parents for the reason of lack of discipline. They say that you have become a spoiled child that cares nothing for others and all gain for yourself. They say that you have become very ignorant and disrespectful to them and others. I did some research o you and the school says that they pushed you through high school, to get rid of you and your behavior, that was interfering with the  other students. Here you will have rules and regulations as well as consequences and as you can see { Pointing at the table} spanking is a part of your treatment for misbehavior and daily spanking sessions that will be administered twice a day, until your attitude changes. Do you understand? " 

Filippo looks at Mr. Dom with a devilish smirk and says " What is holding me here? I can get up from here and walk away anytime I want. Besides, spanking? I am to old to be spanked, I have not been spanked since I was five { Laughing as he talks to Mr. Dom}. Plus I look to cute to be spanked, don't you think? " 

Mr. Dom crosses his legs and places his hands on his lap and glares at Filippo. " Boy you have a lot to learn and you will fit in very well here with the other boys. Actually, young man you are 200 miles away from your home, it would be very difficult to get away from here, plus i don't think you would want to lose your inheritance and allowance. Yes, I know all about that and you as well." 

Filippo, looks in shock on how much Mr. Dom knows about the situation and his life as Mr. Dom continues to talk with him. After talking for sometime, Mr. Dom tells Filippo to stand up and remove his clothes. Filippo hesitates to comply, but he does as he is told. Filippo says " Mr. Dom, all of my clothes? this seems to be a little much, I did not do anything wrong?" Mr. Dom glares at him and says nothing. 

Filippo takes off his pants, revealing his black tight fitting speedo underwear. One might think he dressed for the occasion. Tight fitting speedos in a discipline cottage would be the exact uniform to be worn during spanking sessions. 

Filippo stands with his arms folded, not sure what think or do at this moment, but looks at Mr. Dom as he reviews the boy. 

Mr. Dom says to Filippo, unfold your arms, boy! Humm, yes, I see your attitude is manifesting as we speak, but I have something for that. Turn to the side and hold the position. 

Filippo does as he is told, but getting nervous as Mr. Dom gets up and walks over to the table and picks up the leather rounded  paddle. 

Mr. Dom says to Filippo " Turn completely around and hold your position.

" Filippo does as he is told and hears Mr. Dom walking toward him. He turns around and says " Mr. Dom,  Wait! can we talk about this some more? I know I have been a jerk when I got here and on the way here, but cant you understand the shock, i have been through?" 

Mr. Dom says nothing and takes Filippo by the ear and turns him around . Mr. Dom takes the paddle and swats his speedo covered ass fifty-two times on each cheek. Filippo jumps and moans, trying to put his hands in the way, but Mr. Dom takes his arm and puts it behind his back and continues to give him his just deserves. 

After, the first part of the session, Mr. Dom takes Filippo over to the corner, where Filippo sobs holding his ass. Filippo says to Mr. Dom " Sir, why are you beating me, I never been spanked like that before, sir}. Tears flowing down his face as Mr. Dom says " You are getting what you should have gotten years ago and I want you to realize what you will be getting for the next two years. The behavior you have displayed over the years will not continue. It is my job to make sure of that. Beating? you have not seen anything yet, young man. This is just the beginning. 

Filippo begins to cry harder and deeper as he realizes that his slick ways will not work here at Domestic Discipline Camp.  

Mr. Dom walks over to the table and puts down the rounded paddle and picks up the straight strap and tells Filippo to take off his speedos and fold them up and place them on the table. Filippo does as he is told and moves very humbling, which is very different for him.

Filippo says to Mr. Dom " Yes sir, Mr. Dom, please forgive me" Mr. Dom says " First you have to forgive yourself before anyone can begin to forgive you. Boy you have hurt your parents in so many ways, lets not even think about your pupils and teachers. Do you understand now, why you are here? Is this getting through to you?" Filippo says in a trembling  and scattered voice" Yes, I believe my ass is learning as much as my brain" 

Mr. Dom says " We will also need to work on your language as well. 

Mr. Dom walks over to Filippo and turns him around and bends him over, exposing his nicely shape and plump buttocks, that just calls out for a strong and long spanking. Mr. Dom begins to paddle his bottom as Filippo screams out " I'm sorry! I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry" His plead does not effect Mr. Dom as  he continues to administer a good old fashioned spanking to this sassy boy. 

Three hours have passed since the beginning of Filippo's first spanking and Mr. Dom believes that he has had enough for today. Mr. Dom orders Filippo to the corner for reflection time as Filippo rubs his round, thick, sour and red bottom. Sniffling and pouting. 

This will not be last you see of Filippo. Knowing he got his just deserves but his attitude and misbehavior has a long  way to go! 

Stay tuned! 

Sunday, December 26, 2021

After Dark Boy

 After Dark Boy

Sunday afternoon, Giacomo is sitting in his office and received an email from his disciplinarian, to meet him at his house in one hour. Giacomo has been on his best behavior and has not received a punishment spanking in a week, so he is wondering why the request is being sent. Nevertheless, Giacomo replies back " Yes sir". 

Giacomo finishes up his work and heads out of the office to be on his way to his disciplinarian's house. Once arriving, he sees that the door is open and he walks in. 

When he walks in he sees a pair of black panties on the table with a note saying " Put these on and meet me in the den" 

Giacomo strips off his clothes and puts on the panties and walks into the den. When Giacomo gets in the den he sees his disciplinarian sitting in a chair with a Lexon paddle on his lap. 

Dimanche après-midi, Giacomo est assis dans son bureau et a reçu un e-mail de son disciplinaire, pour le rencontrer chez lui dans une heure. Giacomo a été sur son meilleur comportement et n'a pas reçu de fessée depuis une semaine, alors il se demande pourquoi la demande est envoyée. Néanmoins, Giacomo répond "Oui monsieur".

Giacomo termine son travail et sort du bureau pour se rendre chez son disciplinaire. Une fois arrivé, il voit que la porte est ouverte et il entre.

Quand il entre, il voit une paire de culottes noires sur la table avec une note disant " Mettez-les et retrouvez-moi dans la tanière "

Giacomo enlève ses vêtements et met la culotte et entre dans la tanière. Lorsque Giacomo entre dans la tanière, il voit son disciplinaire assis sur une chaise avec une pagaie Lexon sur ses genoux.

Giacomo says " Good evening, Master. I was surprised to get an email from you, today. Usually is after dark when I have my sessions. His master says " Yes, my boy, but I was doing some thinking and I think its time for you to come out of the dak. We have been seeing each other for a great deal of time and I know that you would like to be kept in the dark, but now it's time to bring you up."Giacomo is lost for words but goes with his command. 

Giacomo walks over to master and turns around for the inspection before his spanking. Master says " They fit you perfectly, just like I thought they would. You like how they fit?" Giacomo says 

Giacomo dit " Bonsoir, Maître. J'ai été surpris de recevoir un e-mail de votre part, aujourd'hui. C'est généralement après la tombée de la nuit quand j'ai mes séances. Son maître dit " Oui, mon garçon, mais je réfléchissais et je pense qu'il est temps pour que vous sortiez du dak. Nous nous voyons depuis longtemps et je sais que vous aimeriez être tenu dans le noir, mais maintenant il est temps de vous élever. " Giacomo est perdu pour les mots mais va avec son ordre.

Giacomo se dirige vers le maître et se retourne pour l'inspection avant sa fessée. Le Maître dit « Ils vous vont parfaitement, comme je le pensais. Vous aimez comment ils vous vont ? » Giacomo dit

" Yes, Master, they are comfortable" 

"Oui, Maître, ils sont à l'aise"

Master, smacks his big, round ass a couple of times to give it a light shade of red, Giacomo moans as his master's hand smacks his nearly bare ass. Giacomo says " Oh, yes Master spank me. 

"Oui, Maître, ils sont à l'aise"

"Oui, Maître, ils sont à l'aise"

Master replies " Yes, my boy, I see that, but I think I need to give you a maintenance session to keep you that way. Master orders Giacomo to the floor and for him to lay on his stomach. Master watches him get on the bed exposing his round, big and firm ass with his matching black socks. 

Le Maître répond « Oui, mon garçon, je le vois, mais je pense que je dois vous donner une séance d'entretien pour que vous restiez ainsi. Le Maître ordonne à Giacomo de s'allonger sur le sol. lit exposant son cul rond, gros et ferme avec ses chaussettes noires assorties.

Master gets up and walks over to him and gets on his knees beside the bed and starts to rub Giacomo's ass. " You like this, don't you boy? You like to feel Masters big strong hands on your ass, don't you? {Smack}" Giacomo says" Yes Master, Umm, yes Sir." 

Maître se lève et se dirige vers lui et se met à genoux à côté du lit et commence à frotter le cul de Giacomo. " Tu aimes ça, n'est-ce pas garçon ? Tu aimes sentir les grandes mains fortes du Maître sur ton cul, n'est-ce pas ? {Smack} " dit Giacomo " Oui Maître, Umm, oui Monsieur. "

Master grips his Lexon paddle and gives him thirty hard strokes as Giacomo moans in ecstasy and pleasure, " Oh yes Master, please don't stop, punish your bad boy" 

Maître saisit sa pagaie Lexon et lui donne trente coups durs alors que Giacomo gémit d'extase et de plaisir, " Oh oui Maître, s'il vous plaît ne vous arrêtez pas, punissez votre mauvais garçon "

Master continues to give him what he needs and desires as Giacomo gyrates his ass while Master delivers heavier and harder strokes of the Lexon. 

Not before long, Giacomo begins to put his hand on his penis, while the master continues to punish his big, round ass and Giacomo lets out a loud yelp and moan as he has an orgasm. His body twitches and his ass bounces as the master continues to spank him more and more, harder and harder. 

Le Maître continue de lui donner ce dont il a besoin et ce qu'il désire pendant que Giacomo lui fait tourner le cul tandis que le Maître donne des coups de Lexon plus lourds et plus durs.
Peu de temps après, Giacomo commence à mettre sa main sur son pénis, tandis que le maître continue de punir son gros cul rond et Giacomo laisse échapper un cri et un gémissement alors qu'il a un orgasme. Son corps se contracte et ses fesses rebondissent alors que le maître continue de le fesser de plus en plus, de plus en plus fort.

The master orders him up off the mattress and tells him to get dressed. 

To be continued

Le maître lui ordonne de se lever du matelas et lui dit de s'habiller.

À suivre

The day after Christmas

Early Sunday morning, Papa is downstairs preparing breakfast for Jacques and himself. Jacques is upstairs in his bedroom cleaning and getting prepared for the day. 
Jacques comes downstairs after cleaning his bedroom dressed in his houseboy uniform, button-down colored shirt, and legging. Jacques walks into the living room and sits on the couch, props his legs up on the ottoman, and turns on the television. 

Papa comes out of the kitchen and walks through the dining room into the living room and says " Jacques, what are you doing? I told you this morning when I awakened you that we are to be having company this afternoon and you are lazing about?" 

Jacques looks to Papa and says " Papa, they will not be here till later, I am just watching a bit of the tube before breakfast". Papa looks at the las as if he had gone mad and turns to the right and reaches for the razor strap that hangs on the living room wall beside the hanging mirror, just for situations like this. 

Tôt le dimanche matin, Papa est en bas en train de préparer le petit déjeuner pour Jacques et lui. Jacques est en haut dans sa chambre à nettoyer et à se préparer pour la journée.

Jacques descend les escaliers après avoir nettoyé sa chambre vêtu de son uniforme de garçon de maison, d'une chemise de couleur boutonnée et d'un legging. Jacques entre dans le salon et s'assoit sur le canapé, pose ses jambes sur le pouf et allume la télévision.

Papa sort de la cuisine et traverse la salle à manger jusqu'au salon et dit « Jacques, qu'est-ce que tu fais ? "

Jacques regarde Papa et dit " Papa, ils ne seront là que plus tard, je regarde juste un peu le tube avant le petit déjeuner". Papa regarde le las comme s'il était devenu fou et se tourne vers la droite et attrape la lanière de rasoir qui pend au mur du salon à côté du miroir suspendu, juste pour des situations comme celle-ci.

Jacques has a way of asking for a punishment spanking, indirectly at times, but it would be crazy that he would since the spanking that he received yesterday. 
Jacques looks to the floor and knows what is coming next. Papa swiftly walks over to Jacques and grips his arm and stands him up and says " Boy, you must need more than what you got before, but after this, the company will wonder why you are sitting and walking differently" Jacques says to papa " Papa, I didn't mean anything by it, { With a scattered and sturred voice} I was just simply saying we have time before they arrive". Of course, his wording is laying him in deeper water. 
Papa says " Yes, lad you are right, we do have enough time for me to wear your ass out! "
Papa instructs Jacques to go to the corner and take a seat on the stool as he oils up the razor strap. Jacques goes and does what he is told, with a puppy-dog face. As you can tell Jacques is a lad that needs firm discipline on a daily basis and without such treatment, he tends to slide off track, very quickly. 

Jacques a une façon de demander une fessée punitive, indirectement parfois, mais ce serait fou qu'il le fasse depuis la fessée qu'il a reçue hier.
Jacques regarde le sol et sait ce qui va suivre. Papa s'approche rapidement de Jacques et lui saisit le bras et le lève et dit " Garçon, tu dois avoir besoin de plus que ce que tu as avant, mais après cela, la compagnie se demandera pourquoi tu es assis et marche différemment " dit Jacques à papa " Papa, je ne voulais rien dire par là, {D'une voix dispersée et agitée} Je disais simplement que nous avons le temps avant qu'ils n'arrivent". Bien sûr, sa formulation le place dans des eaux plus profondes.
Papa dit " Oui, mec tu as raison, nous avons assez de temps pour que je te fatigue le cul ! "

Papa ordonne à Jacques d'aller dans le coin et de s'asseoir sur le tabouret pendant qu'il huile la lanière du rasoir. Jacques va et fait ce qu'on lui dit, avec une tête de chiot. Comme vous pouvez le constater, Jacques est un garçon qui a besoin d'une discipline ferme au quotidien et sans un tel traitement, il a tendance à dérailler très rapidement.

After Papa has come back into the living room with the well-oiled razor strap. Jacques is told to stand up and put his arms above his head and Papa says to him " Since you decided to start off this day with your sarcastic remarks and actions, you will be treated like the naughty little brat, that you portray to be."

Après que papa est revenu dans le salon avec la lanière de rasoir bien huilée. On dit à Jacques de se lever et de mettre ses bras au-dessus de sa tête et papa lui dit « Puisque tu as décidé de commencer cette journée avec tes remarques et tes actions sarcastiques, tu seras traité comme le petit gamin vilain, que tu prétends être. "

The naughty lad does what he is told, but with a look of sorrow on his face that does not phase Papa one bit. Jacques, realizing where he went wrong after sitting in the corner on the stool starts to form an expression of concern for his backside that is about to be thrashed. 

Le vilain garçon fait ce qu'on lui dit, mais avec un air de tristesse sur le visage qui ne dérange pas du tout papa. Jacques, réalisant où il s'est trompé après s'être assis dans le coin sur le tabouret, il commence à former une expression d'inquiétude pour son derrière qui est sur le point d'être battu.

The naughty lad turns and faces the wall with his arms folded, knowing what is coming but having no idea when.

 Le vilain garçon se retourne et fait face au mur, les bras croisés, sachant ce qui va arriver mais n'ayant aucune idée de quand.

Papa comes up and takes his hand and unfolds the naughty boy's arms and places them on the wall.

Papa s'approche et lui prend la main et déplie les bras du vilain garçon et les place sur le mur.

Papa stands back and taps the naughty boy's bottom with the strap and brings up the strap and comes down fast and swiftly " SWACK" The sound rings through the house as Jacques' yelp intertwines with the sound of the razor strap swatting his leggings-covered ass. The burn from the swat sets into the naughty's ass, the leggings are no help for cushioning or blocking the burn and sting. Without taking too long of a break, Papa brings the strap back up and lands fifty consecutive swats on the naughty boy's ass. 

Jaques { Naughty boy} screams and moans but does what a good disciplined boy does during a spanking, which is to never let the wall go. 

Switching the position of his hands, trying to get through, for what he knows as the start-up of his punishment.
Papa se recule et tapote les fesses du vilain garçon avec la sangle et soulève la sangle et descend rapidement et rapidement " SWACK " Le son résonne dans toute la maison alors que le jappement de Jacques s'entremêle avec le son de la lanière de rasoir écrasant son cul couvert de leggings. La brûlure du coup s'installe dans le cul de la coquine, les leggings ne sont d'aucune aide pour amortir ou bloquer la brûlure et la piqûre. Sans prendre une trop longue pause, Papa remonte la sangle et atterrit cinquante tapes consécutives sur le cul du vilain garçon.
Jaques { Naughty boy} crie et gémit mais fait ce qu'un bon garçon discipliné fait lors d'une fessée, c'est-à-dire de ne jamais lâcher le mur.

Changer la position de ses mains, essayer de passer, pour ce qu'il appelle le début de sa punition.


A stinging sensation sets in more and more as he says " Papa, I am a naughty boy and I am sorry! please have mercy on my little bottom, Oww! it still hurts, Owwww! from yesterday! Oww" Papa pays the lad no attention and continues on " SWACK, SWACXK, SWACK, SWACK  X50" 

Naughty Boy puts his head in his arms as papa stands back and lets the pain, burn, and sting set in his houseboy's ass.

La sensation de picotement s'installe de plus en plus alors qu'il dit " Papa, je suis un vilain garçon et je suis désolé ! s'il te plaît aie pitié de mes petits fesses, Oww ! ça fait encore mal, Owwww ! d'hier ! Oww " Papa ne fait pas attention au garçon et continue sur " SWACK, SWACXK, SWACK, SWACK X50"

Naughty Boy met sa tête dans ses bras alors que papa se recule et laisse la douleur, la brûlure et la piqûre s'installer dans le cul de son garçon de maison.

Papa says's " I know that you have only been here with me for a couple of months and things have been difficult, but you will learn to be a good houseboy, I will do all I need to do, to make sure that is done, do you understand?" Naughty-House Boy replies " Yes sir, Papa, I know that you know best" 

Naughty- House-Boy, lifts his head off his arms and composes himself, stands back up in the proper position with his hands beside his head, and says " I am ready for the remainder, Papa" Jaques, turns with his hands raised and says

Papa dit " Je sais que tu n'es ici avec moi que depuis quelques mois et que les choses ont été difficiles, mais tu apprendras à être un bon garçon de maison, je ferai tout ce que je dois faire, pour m'assurer que ce soit fait , comprenez vous?" Naughty- House Boy répond "Oui monsieur, papa, je sais que vous savez le mieux"

Naughty-House-Boy, lève la tête de ses bras et se ressaisit, et se redresse dans la bonne position avec ses mains à côté de sa tête et dit "Je suis prêt pour le reste, Papa" Jacques, se retourne avec ses mains levées et dit

" I am here to be taught how to be a good, submissive, house-boy to you, Papa I have misbehaved and I need all that you have to give me". The naughty boy walks over to the fireplace and grabs the rattan cane from the bucket and gets on his knees and bows down with his hands presenting the cane to Papa. Papa is impressed by this action, but as you should have realized by now, Papa is not the type to give any type of breaks when it comes to real domestic discipline. 

The Naughty-House Boy crawls back over to the stool { on his hands and knees } and gets into the correct position for a proper caning { Arms and head straight, legs closed, and buttocks out}

"Je suis ici pour apprendre à être un bon garçon de maison soumis, papa et moi nous sommes mal conduits et j'ai besoin de tout ce que vous avez à me donner". Le vilain garçon se dirige vers la cheminée et attrape la canne de rotin du seau et se met à genoux et s'incline avec ses mains présentant la canne à papa. Papa est impressionné par cette action, mais comme vous devriez vous en rendre compte maintenant, Papa n'est pas du genre à accorder des pauses lorsqu'il s'agit d'une véritable discipline domestique.

Le Naughty House Boy rampe jusqu'au tabouret { sur ses mains et ses genoux } et se met dans la bonne position pour une bonne bastonnade { Bras et tête tendus, jambes fermées et fesses vers l'extérieur}


Papa taps the lad's bottom three times with the Rattan and stands back at the proper length and comes down with twelve consecutive strokes of the cane. The Naughty lad lets out a massive yelp as tears come down his face, heavily. 
Still standing in the proper position, he gathers himself and says " Yes sir, I deserve this! I deserve this!"

Tears stream from his eyes as papa comes to him and rubs his sore, strapped, and canned little and cute bottom. Papa reaches inside the stand and gets out the cream and rubs the naughty lad's ass and whispers " We are almost done". 
Two hours have passed since the beginning of Jacques' punishment and papa has forgotten about the company coming over and the doorbell rings. Jacques exhales and smiles because he knows that papa must stop.  Papa walks to the door, still with the cane in his hand, and opens the door. Jacques can hear them talking, but can not make out what they're saying. 

A couple of minutes have passed and papa comes back in with five of the family guest as they have a seat on the couch. Papa walks over to the Naughty boy and straightens out his position and says " Family guest, this is what happens when your house boy is disobedient. Take note of how to deal with such a naughty boy. One of the younger guests gets up and says " I am glad to see that you are issuing good old-fashioned punishment, please continue". 

Papa tape trois fois sur les fesses du garçon avec le Ratten et se recule à la bonne longueur et descend avec douze coups de canne consécutifs. Le vilain garçon laisse échapper un cri massif alors que des larmes coulent lourdement sur son visage.
Toujours debout dans la bonne position, il se ressaisit et dit " Oui monsieur, je le mérite ! Je le mérite ! "
Des larmes coulent de ses yeux alors que papa vient à lui et frotte ses fesses douloureuses, attachées et en conserve. Papa atteint l'intérieur du stand et sort la crème et frotte le cul du vilain garçon et murmure " Nous avons presque fini ".
Deux heures se sont écoulées depuis le début de la punition de Jacques et papa a oublié l'arrivée de la compagnie et la sonnette sonne. Jacques souffle et sourit car il sait que papa doit s'arrêter. Papa se dirige vers la porte, toujours avec la canne à la main, et ouvre la porte. Jacques les entend parler, mais ne comprend pas ce qu'ils disent. Quelques minutes se sont écoulées et papa revient avec cinq des invités de la famille alors qu'ils sont assis sur le canapé. Papa se dirige vers le vilain garçon et redresse sa position et dit " Invité de la famille, voici ce qui se passe lorsque votre garçon de maison est désobéissant. Prenez note de la façon de traiter avec un tel vilain garçon. L'un des plus jeunes invités se lève et dit "Je suis content de voir que vous infligez une bonne punition à l'ancienne, continuez s'il vous plaît".

Papa walks over and pats and rubs Jacques' ass and gives him one hundred and twenty hand slaps 

Naughty- House Boy,  lets out whimpering and sobbing as he stays in position as the family guest looks in amazement as the papa continues. Papa picks the Ratten back up and decides to finish the lad off with seventy swats. Naughty boy can no longer hold his position falls with his body inclined. 
Papa s'approche, caresse et frotte le cul de Jacques et lui donne cent vingt claques sur les mains

Naughty- House Boy, laisse échapper des gémissements et des sanglots alors qu'il reste en position alors que l'invité de la famille regarde avec étonnement alors que le papa continue. Papa récupère le Ratten et décide de finir le garçon avec soixante-dix tapes. Le vilain garçon ne peut plus tenir sa position tombe avec son corps incliné.

Naughty -Boy says's " Papa I have learned! I have learned! please Popa my butt is on free!, Ahhh, Oww, ah Oww! 

Naughty -Boy dit's " Papa j'ai appris ! J'ai appris ! s'il te plait Popa mon cul est libre !, Ahhh, Oww, ah Oww !

Papa turns Jacques around and gives him a tight hug and whispers in his ear " be glad the family got here in time because if they have not come you would receive more than that". Poppa taps his ass and tells him to go upstairs and get himself together and join them in the kitchen. 
Naughty- House- Boy runs upstairs. 

Papa retourne Jacques et le serre dans ses bras et lui chuchote à l'oreille " sois content que la famille soit arrivée à temps car s'ils ne sont pas venus, tu recevras plus que cela ". Papa lui tapote le cul et lui dit de monter à l'étage, de se ressaisir et de les rejoindre dans la cuisine.
Naughty- House- Boy court à l'étage.

We all know that Jacques will be back for another spanking very soon. He is a boy that needs a regular spanking on a daily basis.. 

Nous savons tous que Jacques sera de retour pour une autre fessée très bientôt. C'est un garçon qui a besoin d'une fessée régulière au quotidien.


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