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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Flyysoulja And Red

 Fly y Soulja and Red

I have been looking on Twitter for male spanking material, lately. As I scrolled down the page seeing some great pages, I came across these two young men. 

At first glance they reminded me of the " Island Boys" but their swag and demeanor were a lot more attractive.  But I must admit, I always wanted to have them " Island boys" over my knee for a good old-fashioned ass whoppen, We all know they deserve it.

The young men seem to have a liking to kissing each other, but on the other hand, having sexual desire for big-booty women. So, I can not pin them as being gay or bisexual, they are just different. And different is a good thing. 

I have taken a liking to these two

, and to come to find out they have an Only Fans Page as well. 

Unfortunately, they do not have any male spanking material, but I figured why not give them a spotlight and maybe some of you will stop past their Twitter page and Fans page and show them some love with their sexy and spankable bottoms. 

Flyysoulja And Red

Jack D

Friday, September 16, 2022

Introducing Mijio

In the spot light this morning, is someone who I have had under my wing for many of years. He has become a son in my eyes. 

Mijio, is a young man that made appearances on my past Google + community pages many years ago. 

No dought he is a young man that needs strict discipline and firm no nonsense spankings on a daily basis. 

He is definitely a bratty boy that goes beyond the line of obedience and seems to think that those lines are meant to be broken. His bratty and cheeky ways are what leads him to daily maintenance and misbehavior over the knee spankings.  

Mijio, is a boy that is needs constant attention; mentally, physically, emotionally and physiologically. 

No dought he is a naughty,bratty cheeky and disobedient boy,  but nevertheless he is mine. 

Mijio will definitely be making his appearance on Discipline Matters with his naughty red bottom.  

Stay tuned for further updates on his maintenance and antics that leads him to real domestic discipline. 

           The  Chronicles.             of Mijio ! 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Sunday, July 31, 2022

THICK BOI LEMAR @lemdathickie

Follow Blaqhomme 

“What can I say about THIC BOI LEMAR @lemdathickie? A great deal. He is definitely sexy. He knows how to take the BEST selfies. There’s always a science to know how to take the selfie: this brotha has learned his best 

angles and features. Love the brothas eyes. The eyes are straight up, hypnotic and will draw you in….so much so…you might over look the obvious:

his ass(ets). LEMAR has a nice peach on him. He knows it. He knows that you know. The voyeur in him is getting pleasure from showing off that yella-bone phatty.

He surely is one of the most posted dudes on my blog. I enjoy viewing and I’m sure that’s a pleasure to him. This brotha has it going on. The THIC BOI has got it all together—-in all the right places at that.” Blaqhomme

LEMAR definitely has the goods and knows well how to showcase the assets. I never tire of viewing his Twitter and Instagram pages. In a short time, his popularity has exploded; rightfully so. Knowing and understanding body art is a talent—-LEMAR is his own content creator, who’s learned rapidly how to enhance the craft. If you haven’t visited his pages, you’re missing his staring assets in full view. 

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