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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Owning David's Ass - Full Spanking Scene

David Hunter gave Michael DeCrow the go ahead for a good OTK bareass spanking. With that hot bubble butt, Michael jumped right on it.

The scene starts with some warmup smacks in jeans,

then through the underwear.The underwear 
soon get ripped to shreds as the spanking heats up David's sweet butt.

Michael bites and chews on David's plump ass all the time spanking it hard and harder while David's screams with pleasure and pain. Michael then switches to some floggers and good old fashioned ass eating to keep things going. David loves having his ass eaten and Michael is a loving of rimming that hole. 

A second camera was used throughout to get shots of David's responses to the spanking 
and having his sweet ass eaten.

Enjoy the fireworks. 

Studio DeCrow

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