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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Amateurboy Initiation Paddling

A very intense Swedish Spanking initiation paddling.

A short and painful ceremony where Oznob Oznofla gets his ass paddled harder than ever before in sets of 5 swats.

Stinging pai*n and some nice marks was the gift this amateurboy brought with him home.

The paddle outline on his right butt cheek

shows beyond doubt that his colleague wasn't just fooling around.

Swedish Spanking

A naughty bicurious boy slut who gets into trouble quite often. Which usually ends in a humiliating anal penetration and a bare bottom spanking.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Oznob gets his first spanking - entire alternate camera recording

Oznob gets his first spanking - the entire alternate camera recording.

The perfect extra material to one of my most popular spanking videos ever. Including a new mindblowing intro,

the entire spanking session from the camera you previously only got glimpses from, english subtitles whenever the performers speak swedish -

revealing my cheeky nature trying to make fun of my spanker as he quickly applies the birch to my bare bottom to change my laughter to wails of pain.

If you enjoy bare bottom spanking in general, or if you are a fan of the original "Amateurboy gets his first spanking" this is a MUST SEE for you.

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