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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Ted Bruise

 Here is another sample of  Ted Bruise. 

Ted is adamant about making sure his boys are well-disciplined.  What I like about Ted is that he disciplines his boys in real time, What I mean is that it is real domestic discipline. I have spotlighted Ted a couple of times on Discipline Matters, not just for promotional reasons. but to show off his work and skill. I plan to see a lot more for him. If you are interested in buying his videos he can be reached at the link provided. 

I spoke with Ted some time ago, about spanking in the African American Culture. Ted agrees that spanking was and still is needed in the black community. Seemingly the youngsters have gotten away with not being disciplined when they have gotten to a certain age, and become very disorderly, unruly uncouth, and not very becoming. I agree with Ted on many of the facts. Ted is determined to put respect and morals, respect, values, etc. back into the young black men { 18+}. 

You will see on his videos, that he is a no nonesince type of disciplinarian. 

Over the years I have met many black men who administer spankings and some who receive spankings. But, It's not to { Out} in the black communities. I wrote an article on this about a year or two ago.  I personally support Real Domestic Discipline in the black community. 

Ted Bruise! 

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Late to Work - PT2


After getting into the bedroom after the initial spanking, 

Ted decided to take things a little further with Lil' Steve and ensure he learned the lesson of tardiness. 

Ted takes Lil Stevie across his knee as he begins to spank him on top of his blue jeans, setting the scene for a good old-fashioned spanking. 

While giving Stevie a good talking to, Ted raises Stevie up and takes down his jeans, revealing his cute little greenish-blue boxer briefs that fit his little bum very well. 

Ted begins to use the hairbrush on his cute and spankable bottom, 

but Ted has to get him a handful before punishing this lad. 

Ted gives Lil'Stevie something to think about during this session and Lil'Stevie will remember it for days to come. 

Ted then takes the belt to Stevie as he is lad across the chair exposing his remarkable, beautiful, athletic, spankable young buttocks, with a hint of plumpness and thickness of a booty. 

Let this be a lesson to all the readers, viewers, and followers. 

Being Early is on time and Being on time is being Late and being Late gets you a red and sore bottom!

Late to Work - PT2

Ted Bruise

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Late for work


My boy was late for work because he decided to stay up late and play games all night. 

He knew he was in trouble when he asked me to take him to work since he missed the MARTA bus. 

This was only part of his ass-whoopin'. 

He gets more when he gets home

Late for work 

Ted Bruise

For further information on how to purchase this video and many others; send Ted a message on his twitter app; the link is above. 

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