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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Is This Your Thoughts


The thoughts of a Spanker and Spankee

 I was reviewing some of the videos that I have in my library and I came across this video that was produced was produced by black spanking master. This production had its ups and downs
But it was a good production. 

Now, there was some films from them that was not so great,  but the models made up for that and there was some that was amazing. 

The thoughts of a spanker aka daddy 

From my experience I realized that the thoughts that the spankers have all depends on the one that they are spanking or the situation. 

 I guess it all goes into the type of relationship that they have or the agreement that they have agreed upon before they meet. 

 Spanking can be more than just discipline it  can also be very exotic and orgasmic. This is what sometimes runs through the spankees head " Will I thrash this boy's ass or will I give him numerous organisms."

The majority of the time the spanker already knows what he is about to do to the boy, after the first four minutes of the conversation.  Especially If the boy is cheeky or carrying an attitude.  

Personally,  those kind of boys make me give a evil grin. 

The Thoughts of the spankee.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to speak with alot of spankees ( that I haven't spanked) about how they feel when they are being or before they are spanked. 

A great deal of of them admit to being nervous and that's what brings on the cheeky attitude. 

They say that spanking is something that they don't just want but need. In some cases they say that spanking has become apart of their every day life and a day without it, makes them feel like something is missing.  

 But then in some other cases  where they do not want a spanking at all. This usually occurs when they have been misbehaving and not doing the things that they are supposed to be be doing and the disciplinarian make sure that they learned their lesson. 

 At this point that is when the disciplinarian's mind changes from exotic to disciplinary. As well as the spankee's mind goes into panic mood. But,not as many of you would think. When I say panic mood, I mean they begin to get nervous and turned on at the same time.  They tell me that this is when they know a real ass whoppen is about to begin. 

But when the discipline is being administered the spanke realizes that this is something that they need to get back on track. Yes , they come up with all types of excuses just so that the spanking does not escalate into a harder and deeper punishment.  But in their mind they are thinking that this might not be the greatest thing to do. Coming up with excuses just makes the situation a lot worse. But it is a normal reaction for them to try to talk their way out of getting their ass whopped properly. 

 But nevertheless do not be surprised  when the boy actually starts to get turned on while the spanking is being administered.  Yes, we already know that this is something that they need but then in their mind it turns into something that they want.  If the disciplinarian is really paying attention to the boy he will realize that to the crying out turns into passionate moans and when the boy realizes that his reactions are coming off differently  the boy turns the moans into cries and the cries into moans. 

But the disciplinarian does or should not ever stop or change the pace or style of the spanking. He should continue on with the thought of " I have to teach this boy a lesson ".   This is a very hard thing to do especially when the moaning sounds attractive and the boy's bottom is turning a bright red. Staying in the disciplinarian character becomes harder along with something else. But,I learned over the years that you must separate the two [ exotic and disciplinary ]. This does not happen over night.... 

The Spankee at this point, his mind is racing his emotions and hormones are confused. Usually at this point the boys penis is rubbing against the disciplinarian's lap [ depending on the position] and the disciplinarian is starting to get erected as well.. Now both of them are having the same thought " Sex". This is when the disciplinarian has to make a huge  decision. Because depending on the type of relationship you have, going forth inside him might either make or destroy the relationship and/or the meaning of the spanking. 

The thoughts of both the disciplinarian and the spankee can go deep and wide.. 

In some cases, this is when the exotic spanking comes into play. The thought of the disciplinarian is to give aftercare but not in away of initial rub downs, but in away of continuing the punishment but giving the boy pleasure. 

This type of aftercare gives the boy permission to masterbate and relive the strong hormones that the spanking created. The boy thinking " Yes, oh my, yes, punish me, daddy! Punish me," but the disciplinarian is thinking " By the time all this is over, you will feel the pain afterwards and you will have learned your lesson.  

What's your thoughts?

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