Tuesday, September 21, 2021


He should be getting ready to go out, but Jan is taking his time, he is still in a towel and chatting on the phone when he gets a coffee in the kitchen. 
Dimitri is shocked at this laid back approach and sets about the lad with the paddle. 

Getting him over his raised knee, he paddles Jan. 

The towel is soon off and that wonderful muscular butt gets the spanking treatment it needs. 
Jan struggles and kicks, as his rear end gets hotter and he even has to reach round to try and protect himself. 
But Dimitri always carries on to the end no matter the protests. 

No surprise that Jan leaves the room quickly at the end.

I'm ready Daddy

Early morning spanking is very important for a boy. 

Making sure they are prepared for the day and have a nice red and sore bottom to make sure they stay on the straight and narrow.

Don't let them fool you, they look forward to the early morning maintenance session, more than you actually think. 

Monday, September 20, 2021

Kiwi Coach 4

There are strict rules in the college regarding weapons, especially knives. However, many of the lads can’t help themselves when it comes to old military memorabilia. One such boy (Spencer Lake) has an old bayonet in his locker unfortunately now discovered by the PE Head, Mr Stone.

If the lad doesn’t know the rules by now they will have to be reinforced.

The PE master always starts at the bottom and it’s not long before his swishy rattan cane is delivering part one of a ‘time to behave’ message.

Part two will of course be a good over the knee spanking! On top of those cane stripes it will certainly be a lasting reminder to this senior rule breaker.




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Title 2257

Prep & Spank Continued

Mickey’s punishment last time from Allen was less than half finished. 

Allen keeps blistering Mickey’s bottom,

now with almost exclusively “harder” tools for the second part of this lengthy punishment session.

Saturday, September 18, 2021


It seems that every lad these days has the tendency to monopolize the bathroom. 

They spend ages in there without a thought for anyone else. 

No matter how many times they are told they keep doing it, 

Matthew is no different and he is blissfully unaware of what is waiting for him, even though Teodor has been calling him for a while. 

Once he appears, he finds himself bent over the couch and getting his ass tanned. 

This is just what these lads need to teach them some manners and consideration. 

Matthew looks very indignant and obviously feels he is being hard done by, 

but he has to learn that there are more people than him in the apartment.

Sagging in Pink

  This week, Saggers-Art has displayed some great sagging art with the boys in pink.  This is a great collection of boy booties in an awesom...