Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Spanking Straight Boys: Gil in The Spanking Tower

Gil is a 23-year-old straight boy with a beautiful smooth body.
We hadn’t seen him for a while when he contacted Tom to do another video.

Tom said yes, but then Gil ghosted him. He simply ceased all communication. Months went by with no contact. Finally Gil contacted Tom again and this shoot was scheduled.

Tom puts Gil in the spanking tower and gives him a hard spanking using his hand, a flog, leather strap, hairbrush, wooden paddle and a riding crop.


Gil struggles with this painful spanking. He’s very embarrassed to be in the tower with absolutely everything on display

This spanking resulted in a real-life benefit when, after the cameras were off and without prompting,
Gil sincerely apologized to Tom. Don’t worry, Gil. All is forgiven! .

Gil Russo Vital Stats:
Age:  22
Fun Fact:  Violated the HOV lane for months before being caught

Gil is a hot 22-year-old straight boy who had never had any type of sexual contact with a man before doing videos for us. Having been raised with the belt and paddle, Gil is no stranger to physical discipline.


Dimitri is on the phone, when in wanders Krystof with his music playing loudly on his phone. 

Dimitri cannot hear what’s being said on his phone, this annoys him instantly. Krystof is oblivious to this and carries on making coffee and listening to his music. But Dimitri has other plans, he ends his call and get a hold of the lad and bends him over his raised knee and sets about teaching him a few manners.
Wearing only thin shorts, Krystof soon realises the error of his ways but that is not enough for Dimitri.

Shorts down and a set on the dark boxers
 before they too have to go.

But as happens with some lads, and Krystof is one of those, when the boxers are pulled down, his hard dick bounces out

and shows he is getting more from the spanking than a sore ass.

By the end of the bare ass session, it looks like he has learned a lesson, and he rushes to hide his swollen dick and leave the room quickly.

Monday, September 27, 2021

College Boy Spank: Jason Markham

Jason is a 22-year-old student and in urgent need of a good disciplinary punishment. 

Jason was regularly spanked by his mother with the wooden spoon when he was little, hence the boy has bad memories of what this tool can do.

The master proceeds to grab hold of his big wooden spoon then takes the boy by his ear and has him lie down over his legs before proceeding to soundly and painful spank him with the wooden spoon 

and by hand.

Jason’s ordeal continues with a wooden
paddle that’s even worse than the spoon, 

which again it seems is back for more encounters with his already sore butt. So also the wooden paddle gets to make a return visit to Jason’s butt.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Anger Management Lesson

 Jake is always angry, and aggressive with people around him. It's time for him to realize there are consequences for being a dick to people. 

This spank hurt, you can kinda tell by my reactions.

Jake seems to always end up over his Daddy's knee and for good reason.

Hopefully, he learns to straighten his attitude, but we all know he struggles with his attitude. 

Maybe a daily attitude adjustment will do him some good, even when he moves out.

Jake is the type that a red swollen bottom is the only way to get through to him. 

Crime and Punishment 2

Law breakers at the turn of the century faced far harsher penalties than are handed out today. Rehabilitation through hard work and the infliction of flogging for many offenses was consider the norm. Both the cane, birch and whip were used in many County Reformatories and Houses of Correction, sometimes as an extra sentence ordered by a Judge or Magistrate who thought the miscreant before him too big for his boots.

In this return to 1900 episode one lad (Ryan Conway) is sent to the House Of correction

He punishment will start with a good flogging!

but it will continue with special orders from the Judge that he receive an additional good, over the knee, spanking in the manner of a naughty boy, for his petulance and cheek towards the court. This new inmate’s retraining is to begin with a stinging start!

Ryan Conway plays the sore bottomed convict

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Title 2257

Carter Outside

 Carter Outside Carter is a 24-year-old straight college student.  Tom wanted to put him in a somewhat exposed setting for this spanking.  M...