Sunday, November 7, 2021

Fall Term Coach & Max

The third in the trio of boys arrives in the form of a defiant and disrespectful Max.

Coach Riley has none of though as he puts Max through the hardest punishment of the morning,

even tying the errant boy’s hands behind his back
and and stuffing his mouth with a towel.


This is a clip is a request. Jan is up for a session and Teodor has got the ping pong bat ready for him.

The lad comes in, wearing black boxers and protesting at the idea of a spanking.

Nonetheless, he goes into the position and keeps his ass raised and presented perfectly, and being a muscular lad that’s quite a sight to enjoy.


The wheelbarrow is a great way to keep a lad tense and make his ass wonderfully tight for a paddling.


You can see that Jan feels this, as he manages to keep himself supported on one arm,

as he reaches round with the other hand to try and protect his ass.

So when he gets the boxers off and goes back into position,

he looks absolutely spankable, the nice colour on his ass helps as well.

Jan is delightful naked, ass slightly raised like this,

and an ideal position for the paddle. A great request for this tough little guy.

The neighbor's son

The neighbor's son 

Sa mère entendant souvent des bruits de fessées chez le voisin du dessous décide d'y envoyer son fils...

His mother often hearing noises of spanking from the neighbor downstairs decides to send her son there ...

The House of Buttocks - Series

The House of Buttocks. 

Today I have the privilege of bringing back one of the old-school films that were produced by our friends at spk-prod. 
spk-prod has given us some of the greatest t male spanking films throughout the years and continues to dazzle our minds with their amazing films. 
I had another opportunity to talk with Soit, the owner and one of the disciplinarians of SPK-PROD.  I was in a conversation with him about bringing back the old and making them new. 
In other words, what is old to us is new to others. My point of all of this is that there are thousands of people who have never seen anything from spk-prod and if they did they have, they might not know the production as we do, so let us pull back the old school films and put them back up for the world to enjoy. 
I am definitely not knocking the new films because as they say " We get better with time" and you all have seen, Soit has done a fabulous job on these new modal's asses. 
If you are new to Discipline Matters or to SPK-PROD, do yourself a favor and click on the links of spk-prod and tune in to the website and become a member, so that you may enjoy all of the beautiful models, scripts, and films of domestic, judicial and corporal punishments, more than your heart actually desires... 
You can catch all of their updates here at
Discipline Matters

La maison des fessees 1/4 la découverte

Deux garçons sont envoyés pour un stage un peu spécial de discipline. La maison des fessées, un nouveau concept ! Le fils du directeur participe à ces stages par obligations et partage avec solidarité les épreuves et les punitions.

The house of the buttocks 1/4 the discovery

Two boys are sent for a somewhat special discipline course. The spanking house, a new concept! The director's son takes part in these courses out of obligation and shares in solidarity the trials and punishments.

La maison des fessees 2/4 les épreuves et les punitions

Les trois garçons commencent les épreuves et reçoivent de manières stoïque les punitions à chaque fois. Une certitude ; ils sont bien dans la maison des fessées où les claques sur les fesses tombent très vites.

The house of buttocks 2/4 trials and punishments

The three boys start the trials and stoically receive the punishments each time. A certitude; they are well in the house of spankings where the slaps on the buttocks fall very quickly.

La maison des fessees 3/4 moments interdis

Le fils du directeur profite d’une fatigue de leur instructeur pour inviter ses camarades dans sa vrai chambre. Là les garçons vont s’amuser et profiter de cette courte détente qui se terminera par une fessée collective et la participation de l’instructeur à leur jeu.

The house of the buttocks 3/4 forbidden moments

The principal's son takes advantage of their instructor's fatigue to invite his comrades to his real room. There the boys will have fun and enjoy this short relaxation which will end with a collective spanking and the instructor's participation in their game.

La maison des fessees 4/4 le départ

Voici le dernier épisode. C'est le départ. Mais avant, il faut voir le directeur... recevoir la dernière fessée. Un seul restera pour le prochain stage de la maison des fessées.

La maison des fessees 4/4 the start

Here is the last episode. It's the start. But first, you have to see the director ... receive the last spanking. Only one will remain for the next stage of the house of spankings.

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