Thursday, November 11, 2021

Discipline USA 1 & 2 (HD)

Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation “Discipline USA 1 and 2” (HD)

The latest Sting Special Price Spanking Classic Compilation is

Discipline USA 1 & 2 (HD)

Only $19.99 (Usual combined coast $43.90)

The films in this Two video compilation are

Discipline USA

Keeping discipline in Greenmount College is a daily duty for the Principle and his college faculty. Seniors often need special attention when they reach the age of ‘I’ll do what I want now’. This doesn’t cut any ice of course and the Principle is always willing to show them the error of their ways when needed.

Senior student Eugene Warner (Karl Frazer) is in deep water, having been caught infringing the strict rules with regard to the girls dormitories and social area.

It’s only a lad’s natural urge kicking in but he knows that certain boundaries shouldn’t be crossed which of course he’s managed to do. He now has to face the wrath of the Deputy Principle, Mr Sharpe (Marco) and this time he’s going to be on the receiving end of the Deputy’s ex reformatory strap.

The sting of this heaving leather persuader

and a good spanking to follow should impress a new sense of discipline in to the hapless young Eugene.

Chatting up the Principles daughter in a far too familiar way soon gets Matt Colby (Joey Whyte) into trouble. The boss sends him off for a serious meeting with his Deputy, Mr Sharpe. He’s already late for this so things aren’t looking too good for Colby. It’s well known that the Deputy Principle doesn’t suffer foolish boys easily. It isn’t long before young Matt feels the full and stinging force of the strict Deputy’s authority!

Treated like a naughty little boy, Colby goes over the teacher’s knee for a spanking. And that’s just the start …..

The spanking is even more painful and humiliating on Colby’s bare bottom

Next up, the paddle!

All on his now pre spanked throbbing and well reddened bare butt!


 Discipline USA 2

Although not allowed, the alcohol has been flowing.

Now the unofficial party continues in their room as two college boys (Robin Palmer & Jaydee Black) stumble back to their halls of residence.

Unfortunately the racket they are causing has caught the attention of the Deputy Principle. He’s on the case to find out what the hell is going on.

When he arrives at the boys room he’s less than pleased, a needlessly damaged computer quickly convinces him these too would be delinquents need reminding where and who they are.

Perhaps a dose of his old well-used wooden paddle, the one with the holes for maximum effect, might be a good place to start.

Dorm DuoSpanked & Between

Mickey spanks Allen by hand, ruler and paddle.
He then takes out a crop of sorts for punishment right on Allen's anus.


Jan is doing what naughty lads do in the afternoon, laying on the bed jerking off.

He thinks he is safe and is off in a world of his own when in comes Teodor and catches him.


The horny lad is dragged down the bed and bent over the bend.

He then gets a lesson in not wasting time.

Bending the lad over the bend, brings his ass to the right place for a spanking and shows it off well.

Jan protests all the time and tries to reach round and protect his rear to no avail.

Both on the boxers and the bare ass, Teodor does not let up and is determined to show the lad what is acceptable.


It’s no surprise that Jan hops up and runs form the room at the end, but will he have learned anything. I doubt it.

Copyright Plus Fernando

  Diego Erik Fernando Fernando arrives to the awkward sight of Erik in the corner with a red ass.  Fernando soon gets his own lesson in copy...