Thursday, November 11, 2021

Spanking House - 13 Episodes

Mike is on vacation and his bad grades compel his step-father to give him French lessons. But here, there will be quite a lot of things during this holiday. It must be said that Mike under his airs of the little angel is a real little devil ...The first episode begins with a bad dictation and therefore a punishment ...

This film includes 13 episodes.

The French teacher: The first episode begins with a bad dictation and therefore a punishment ...

The little revenge: In this episode 2 Tristan is at the party. The revenge of the Professor and a misunderstanding will make this one will receive two spankings in less than an hour.

The insolent: In the wake of Mike's adventures, his step-father punishes him for his poor results and tells him that he found a job with the peasant next door. But here, our Mike had other plans. His insolence does not at all please his step-father. His uncle also settles his account with the teacher who corrected his boyfriend's step-son for no reason. Who would start a flirt with Mike…

The dishes: Tristan suffers the wrath of Vittan for disobedience, Mike of his uncle for insolence. In short, an ordinary day. The two boys are sulking this last day of the weekend. A martinet session to make them smile? not sure...

We skip school: Another mistake of Mike: do not go in progress ... the consequences are getting blushed buttocks ..

The trainee: Mike does not want to work with the peasant. And a trainee enters the spanking club ... 

The dungeon: Mike does not wish to get up to go to work at the farmers. His step-father is going to get angry. But the new trainee is going to get involved in thing which does not look at him(it)...

The notebook: Alexis receives Tristan's notebooks ... The French teacher receives a spanking in the living room. These sounds of slaps excite our two friends Mike and Jesse. A new contract for the French teacher ...

The dictation: The French teacher now has three students: Mike, Tristan, and the trainee three students therefore three boys to correct in dictation but also in spanking. he will be helped by Alexis no longer know or give with his right hand. A lot of work in perspective

The departure: It is the last day that ends with a collective spanking after a fight between two boys. The departure is near. Tristan sadly looks at Mike and the kissing trainee. The car starts. Vittan seeing his stepson a little sad promised that if his grades are good next he will find in Paris Jason. But now, there are three months ... be wise. the possible test?

Deleted vacations: Do not go to the High school + drink some alcohol + bad dictation = spanking, strap, punishment.

Abuse of power: This is the first time that he was spanking a guy. And he loved it! So when given power, he benefits and becomes the Master of his student Mike.

Focusing on the facts: Uncle Alexis arrives in full swing for Alex and Mike. Alex will receive a punishment for power. Then it will be around Vittan to correct both boys. Once punished, they will be piquet during the aperitif ...

Russell’s Bed Spanking

One thing we’ve learned is that Russell, age 19, is a rebellious boy with a smart mouth and insolent attitude. Everything is different today, though.

It appears all of Tom’s hard work is paying off where Russell is concerned. He is now respectful and serious. Gone are the laughs and the smart aleck remarks. It seems that sooner or later every boy realizes being a smart ass isn’t worth a red ass.

Today Tom puts Russell on a bed and spanks him with a riding crop,

leather strap, flog, belt, yardstick and whip. Russell’s butt gets redder and redder.

Russell kicks and writhes about doing his best to absorb his punishment.


There isn’t one mouthy remark to be heard.

This is what spankings are for!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021


Having over stepped the mark, Matthew was told to report for a spanking. But he is late and simply making things worse.

 Teodor sets his mind to teaching the lad a good lesson, so by the time the lad wanders in, without an apology, he is in the right mood to do it.

Matthew bends over the table and in the small boxers he looks just right for the session.

Teodor does not spare the guy and Matthew is moaning quite a lot throughout.

No matter how delightful he looks in boxers,

they have to go and his bare ass gets the treatment he needs.


With a super smooth little butt and well presented,
should know better than to upset Teodor who needs very little excuse to spank a naughty guy.

Copyright Plus Fernando

  Diego Erik Fernando Fernando arrives to the awkward sight of Erik in the corner with a red ass.  Fernando soon gets his own lesson in copy...