Tuesday, December 14, 2021


Teodor goes to get a soda and guess what, it’s all gone. Left with just an empty bottle, he is far from happy. The culprit is Matthew and the lad is called in to face the music.

Standing at the scene of the crime, Matthew gets the paddling that he rightly deserves.

Of course, using things and not replacing them is something a lot of lads do and for some reason never seem to learn to correct.

Shorts down and the red boxers hug the lad’s ass, they show it off well and when Teodor grabs them and pulls them up a bit into a wedgie, the result is wonderful.

Of course, the bare ass spanking is what Matthew really needs, and gets, and his smooth little but gets the paddle treatment.


In the end, the lad walks away looking hurt and Teodor is left to a glass of water. Has Matthew learned a lesson, possibly.

Sunday, December 12, 2021


“The head of studies suffers his own punishment. 

The director discovers the situation. 

He continues to punish Erik, but to the surprise of the head of studies, his ass will be punished along with that of the student Erik.

  Both asses go through the director's knees.

El jefe de estudios sufre su propio castigo. 

El director descubre la situación.  Sigue castigando a Erik, pero para sorpresa del jefe de estudios, su trasero será castigado junto con el del alumno Erik. Q

Ambos culos pasan por las rodillas del director.

当院长发现了状况后教务长自己也承受了惩罚. 教务长继续惩罚埃里克, 但他没有想到自己会跟埃里克一起受惩罚. 他们俩的屁股也被放上了院长的膝盖上"

Happy Sunday

Saturday, December 11, 2021

bubble butt belting

No Boy of Mine

Johnny Angel makes his Delco Video Productions debut in this film about he was caught screwing his Dad's friends girl.

His dad made a deal with the friend that Johnny would get the same punishment as he gave his girl, which was an old fashioned bare bottom spanking and paddling.

This film is also Delco Video Productions debut of their first male spanking male film.


Pavel is once again in trouble, he is pulled along by his ear into the room by the coach, who then decides to give the boy a hearty punishment.

First Pavel receives the wooden spoon while over the coach's knee, followed by at the turn of a card earning himself a good hand spanking.

Next the coach continues to punish the player, this time with two different types of hard wooden paddles, followed by a vigorous and painful spanking by hand.

The relentless spanking Pavel receives is something he will not soon forget.


Sometimes lads really don’t think. Hynek needs a shirt and he sees one of Dimitri’s hanging there and that’s good enough. 

Dimitri, of course, sees it differently and that’s why Hynek finds himself getting a spanking. Dimitri takes this kind of borrowing seriously and spanks the lad accordingly.


Wearing only boxers, Hynek really feels the full force of the spanking and it has an effect on him.


When his boxers are pulled down, he is clearly excited and seems confused by his own reaction.

As Dimitri carries on administering punishments to the lad’s ass, Hynek finds it hard to keep his hand off his dick.

Things are beyond his control though and the inevitable happens.

The paddling ends and Hynek does seem really confused by what’s happened, spanking is a journey of exploration for him.

Copyright Plus Fernando

  Diego Erik Fernando Fernando arrives to the awkward sight of Erik in the corner with a red ass.  Fernando soon gets his own lesson in copy...