Friday, January 14, 2022

Tony’s Table Spanking

Tony is a ripped, masculine, 21-year-old straight boy who has gone prematurely gray (and he likes it). He doesn’t like being spanked, but he does enjoy the finer things in life (including the expensive clothes he’s wearing today), so he came in today to do another spanking.

Tom puts Tony on the massage table for this spanking and props his butt up with a cushion, which really shows off Tony’s muscular, round ass.

He proceeds to spank Tony by hand and with two leather straps, a leather slapper, and two flogs. Tony hops off the table at one point saying he can’t take any more, but Tom orders him right back on his stomach to finish what he started.


Tony resists authority and repeatedly fails to show proper respect.


Part of his problem is that he laughs in reaction to pain, which results in more spanking.


 Tony has had all he can take by the time this spanking is over.


Tony is a 21-year-old straight boy who had never done adult videos, been touched by a man or physically disciplined before shooting with us.

Tony's Table Spanking
Tony Warner

Punish The Neighbor

When Dominique's neighbor argues with his wife, and he is wrong, he must 
come and receive a correction.


Then he returns to show his very red buttocks to his wife to indicate that the argument is over. 

invited over the weekend, is going to meet the neighbor because he is sent by his wife following a new argument over a packet of cigarettes.

Alex,  will attend the punishment …

Rafael’s Soccer Spanking!

Rafael has been warned many times about bringing the game into disrepute by constantly   swearing  at other players on the pitch. The manager has run out of patience and so Rafael is pulled by the ear back to his office for a sound over the knee spanking.


He starts the spanking on his very short shorts and soon gets them off to reveal his white underpants.

But this is not good enough for the Manager and decides the only way to get through to this boy is a bare bottom spanking.


To add to humiliation Rafael is then given a wheelbarrow spanking and then a few reminders with the ping pong paddle! 

Thursday, January 13, 2022


It doesn't take Corin long to find himself in trouble with Dimitri again.

He finds himself bending over the counter getting a paddling, he is naturally concerned in case the same thing happens as last time he was paddled.

But this time Dimitri is not going to allow the lad to get anything but a lesson from this session.

Jeans start things off and reveal black boxers, once they are dropped. The leather paddle works its magic on these before they too are removed.


A good bare ass paddling and it is session done for this time.


Corin is one of those lads that struggles with paying for his mistakes, it’s a wonder he doesn’t wise up and change his ways.


Teodor is not happy with Jan and Jan is going to pay big time.

The lad comes in, wearing a towel and finds himself OTK getting a walloping.

He is one leg up over the knee and one down on the floor and it is uncomfortable and makes the spanking worse for him.


Even when the towel is off, he is back there again, it does show his ass of well but he doesn’t like it.


Teodor is spanking the guy hard enough to make sure that he knows he has over stepped the mark again.

Jan has a super firm muscular little butt and it needs a regular spanking regardless of what he has done. 

Teodor gives this lad what he needs and gives it to him well, Jan reaching round to cover his ass tells you just that.

Copyright Plus Fernando

  Diego Erik Fernando Fernando arrives to the awkward sight of Erik in the corner with a red ass.  Fernando soon gets his own lesson in copy...