Saturday, January 29, 2022

Second Episode of the Weekend at the MDF

Weekend at the mdf 

It is now time for Prince to return to SpankHouse.

Together with Karim, sent by a judge to stay there too, Prince is about to discover that SpankHouse is not a recreation center but deserves its reputation for being the house of spanking. 

Hands and whips fall on buttocks very quickly.

In this second episode, Prince will realize that if Karim does not obey him, his own buttocks will receive punishment. He will have to show that he is in charge of the room

Meet Evzen

Teodor has been out and around again, 

looking for some new faces. This time he has been lucky and found a candidate close by. 

After a discussion and a deal agreed upon, the lad heads back to the apartment with Teodor. The lad has never been spanked before and he is slightly nervous but that does not stop Teodor from getting him OTK and laying on a good set.

 Jeans and then underwear get the treatment and the red glow is starting to show nicely around the edges of his boxers, the heavy hand is doing well. 

Then, a bare ass finale and Evzen have been introduced to the team. 

The way he scampers from the room might say that this is enough for him, will he come back? We will have to wait and see. 

Dorm Duo -Tutor Lesson

Mickey has been tutoring Allen. Allen’s performance has been less then stellar of late and Mickey decides the errant boy needs a lengthy punishment session.


Carter Outside

 Carter Outside Carter is a 24-year-old straight college student.  Tom wanted to put him in a somewhat exposed setting for this spanking.  M...