Thursday, January 27, 2022

Antonio Needs A Paddeling


I think everyone saw the dramatic walk-off Antonio did last week. Personally, I think this was a lack of discipline. Antonio stated that he walked off the field because he did not like what the coach said to him and how the coach was talking to him. 

To some degree, I can understand, but in another way, I don't. Antonio was getting paid millions of dollars to do a job and when you obligate yourself to do a job, you do it! 

Let us look at the normal man, that is getting paid much lower to do a job and his manager speaks in an uncouth manner, the employee takes it and lets it run off his shoulders, and continues his job duties and if the remarks were more than he could bear, the employee would of went to a higher power to discuss his dissatisfaction. 

Antonio stated that he came from the pit and not the palace. Being a person who is also from the pit, knows that you learn discipline at a young age and never forget when you make it to the palace. 

Not only did he walk- off the field, Antonio walked out on his teammates/ brothers! 

This is where a good hard and long spanking would come into play. 
I truly wish corporal punishment was allowed in sports or any type of job. Antonio displayed disloyalty, disobedience, poor judgment, lack of respect for his teammates and his fans. 

If it was up to me, He would receive a good dose of the paddle. I don't mean one of those sexy paddles, I mean the old-school thick wooden paddles. 

Each player would line up as Antonio is bent over the bench, and each teammate would give him thirty-five swats with the paddle. That would not be the end, of course. 

The coach would call him into the office after the boys and water boys, got done with him and the coach would give him an old school ass whopping { Hand, Bath brush, Hairbrush, and leather Strap} 

You might say that this would be a little much, but with the way that Antonio carried on, I think it would be well deserved. 

Sadly, this would never happen, but it's a good thought. 

Finally, let us look at the countries that believe in corporal punishment. Over in some villages in Africa? They would have torn his ass up! for this offense. 

I posted some videos of this type of punishment in my earlier post, now let's put Antonio in their position. 

When he was asked if he had a mental  condition, he denied it and said " I have a high I.Q and he can't talk to people who have not been where he has been ( paraphrase) 

That was just a cop-out. 

As you can tell, I am very pissed off with Antonio. 

I think he needs to come on over into the " Spanking World" since he demolished his career in the sports industry. 

A whiney little boy who thinks people don't like him and never was excepted by the team, 



Matthew has really unset Dimitri and he is going to pay for it.


Most of the time he just needs a spanking to remind him of the rules and the way to act. But this time he has gone too far and Dimitri is going to paddle him.

Bending the lad over the table, he makes a good start with a few heavy whacks on the towel Matthew is wearing.


But it’s a bare ass paddling this lad needs and the towel is soon off.

The swats are laid on nice and hard and the colour of Matthew’s ass is soon a nice deep red.


By the end of the clip there is that lovely paddling bloom that lads get when they have really gone to far.

Will Matthew have learned a lesson from this, time will tell.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Spanking Straight Boys: Police Contact

Josh is a 21-year-old straight boy who shot his first-ever adult videos with Spanking Straight Boys when he was 18. He’s come in quite a few times over the years and he keeps in contact with Tom.

Recently, Josh called Tom for some advice. It wasn’t the first time he had done that, but this time it was for something serious. Josh had not done anything wrong, but he had come into contact with the police as the result of associating with bad people. Josh is a friendly, honest and intelligent boy, but he can be more than a bit naive. His lack of street smarts landed him in a very unusual situation. Luckily, it was readily apparent he had done nothing wrong, so the whole matter went away in the end.

Tom’s advice helped Josh. Today, Tom further helps Josh by punishing him for not being more careful about with whom he associates. Tom gives Josh 30 hard strokes of the flog. When Josh called Tom for advice, he certainly knew that Tom would punish him for his ill-advised associations at their next meeting.

Whenever one of the boys tells Tom about trouble they’ve gotten into, Tom suspects that, on some level, the boy wants to be disciplined. Whether he wants it or not, Josh gets a healthy dose of discipline today.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Marco's Bad Report Card

 Marco's Bad Report Card

In a small town in North Carolina, right outside of Fayetteville, Marco and his father live in a two-bedroom condo apartment building. Marco is 17 years of age, He has always been a chubby boy since he was younger, and him being on the wrestling team for the local school district was just the thing for him.

Tuesday morning, Marco comes out of his room dressed in a blue shirt, beige pants, and black shoes with his gym bag and book bag. He comes into the living room sits his bags down goes into the kitchen and notices his father making coffee and breakfast. Marco walks up and hugs his father from behind. 

" Good morning, Daddy," Marco says while he sneaks a piece of bacon off the counter.  His Father replies " Good morning, Son, and you don't think I didn't see that." They both chuckled as Marko goes to the table as he eats his bacon. Marko's father says to him while bringing his breakfast to him " Mar, today is report card day, I hope to see some good grades and good statements from your instructors. Last year you did not do so well and we had to hold you back another year. You are so close to graduating." Marco looks down as he starts to eat and says " Yes sir, I know, I am trying my best and I know that this year will be better than the last, and I surely don't want another spanking. Daddy, don't you feel that I am too old to get spankings? My friend is a little younger than I and he said his dad stopped spanking him two years ago." 
Marco's father replies " No, son, not at all. A boy like you needs a constant reminder of his obligations, responsibilities to the rules and regulations. Actually, you have reminded me that tonight is your weekly maintenance spanking, so make sure after wrestling practice you make it home before curfew". Marco's face turns red as he blushes and says " Yes sir, I kinda knew that you would not forget that tonight is the night, But Daddy, I might be a little too big for spankings. I mean I understand what you are saying and respect it, but my chubby butt doesn't really feel it like it did when I was younger". Marco rethinks his statement puts his head in his hands, and whispers " Stupid move, Genious". Marco's Father tries to hold in his laugh as he drinks his coffee. 
Marco finishes his breakfast and walks over to his father hugs him and kisses his head " See you later Daddy, I am sure my report card will be fine, I will be home before curfew, I love you, Daddy". 
Marco walks to the living room to get his bags, not noticing that his big, round chunky butt is bouncing about and his father says " No son it is not too big" They both laugh as he goes out the door. 

Leaving the building Marko meets up with his mate and starts to walk to school, beings though the school is only two blocks away. 
Jazzy, Marco's mate says " Marco, are we headed to the spot before we get to school?" Marko says " Hell yea, Bro! you know we are". Marko and Jazzy look back to see if Marco's father is in the window and when they notice that he isn't there and  take a right turn on the end of the first block, which leads down to the woods, where there is a trail that leads to an old abandoned house. Jazzy

reaches in his bag and pulls out two blunts and a bag of weed. Marko says " Role that up, Bro" 

Jazzy begins to role up the blunts, fires one up, and takes a hit " Damn bro, this is fire! { Starting to choke} Marco takes the blunt and starts to smoke as he sits down on the old steps to the house. Marco says 

" No homo, bro, but do you think my asss is big or chunky?" Jazzy starts to laugh and says " What? that weed mut of hit you too fast, bro. Why you ask me that?"
Marko says " Im just asking, cause, my dad still spanks me, and this morning I told him that I was too big for spankings and that it doesn't affect me anymore because my ass is too chubby and fat". Jazzy starts to laugh " Dude, how stupid can you be to say something like that, and out of all people on this earth you say it to your father who is strict as all hell and will tear you a new ass hole the next time you get in trouble. Yeah, I hear when he spanks you, you know that those walls are super thin. Living in the same building as you have been comical" Jazzy starts to laugh harder as he smokes some more. Marco says 
" Yeah, Yeah, but you never answered my question" Marco stands up turns around, and bends over

 " So what do you think?" 

Jazzy puts his head and looks up and says " Yeah, Bro your ass is pretty chubby and big, I see why your dad is always spanking dat' ass, yo". Jazzy hits his blunt and smacks Marco's chubby fat ass as it jiggles. 

Marko laughs and says " Yeah, I thought so". 
After they get done smoking they sit back and begin to talk about the upcoming wrestling match and Jazzy says " You know, Marco, I could help you out with some of your positions, if you want. I mean your good and all, but Im sure I could give you some hitting points. Marco nods and says " Yeah, that would be awesome, maybe you could be like my dad and spank me when I get it wrong". Jazzy looks at him and says " Yea, I guess I could". After they both come down they head to the schoolhouse. 

After they both arrive to the school they go there separate ways. The thought of spanking Marco stays in jazzy's mind through out the day. 

During the last period of the day, Marco is sitting in the classroom with his other classmates and the teacher begins to hand down the report cards. Marco is a little nervous around this time because he knows that he has not put it his best effort forward and the thought of the lie that he told his father that he was doing his best comes across his mind. 

Marco opens the report card and sees failure all the way down with the teacher's statements of being tardy and absent and not turning in his homework is written in bold red ink. 

Marco's stomach starts to turn and he starts to sweat thinking of what is about to happen when he gets home. Marco puts his head on the desk as he tries to hold back the tears thinking of what he had said to his father about him being too big to be spanked in that his ass was too chubby and fat that he would not feel anything. The instructor looks over at Marco, walks over to him, and says " Marko. There is no need to sob now. I warned you time and time again that your grades would show your effort and as you can see it shows them very well. I put that I will be needing a conference with your father next week. One more thing, until your grades come back up you are not allowed back on the wrestling team so there's no need to go to practice today" 

Marco looks up at the instructor as he wipes his tears away and tries to act as if there was something in his eye and says to the instructor " it'll be okay, my dad probably would not even come " the instructor says to Marko " no need to try to play tough, I know your father very well we went to school with each other for many of  many of years so I know exactly what type of man he is."

 Marko has gone beyond the point of disobeying his father and has refused to do any of the assignments that were given to him through the first semester. While the school was closed due to the covid pandemic earlier in the semester, Marco had assignments to do at home while his father was out of town on business, but Marco reported to his father every night that the assignments were complete. Marco's father trusted him so far that he did not check behind him, because he had faith that his son would not lie to him. The homework that was due, but not handed in were seven essays three theses on child behavior, and two on Anatomy. } 

After the departing school bell rings, Marco meets with Jazzy and starts to walk home. Jazzy notices that Marco is not seeming the same. Jazzy looks to Marco and says " Bro, what's up? Seems like you lost your dog." Marco says " No, man, Iam about to lose my chubby. Round ass. By the time my father looks at this report card my ass will be flat as a pancake and red as a fire truck." Jazzy grins and says " well, what did you expect? We have been skipping school and on other stuff that we're not supposed to do during this first part of the school year. You said that your dad will never find out anyway, remember? " Marco says " Yeah but I was just bull shitting around. I guess this will be one of the times where you will have your ear by the wall again". Jazzy begins to laugh and tries to comfort the poor boy. 

Jazzy and Marco arrive at the building entrance and they both walk up the stairs and they go their separate ways. Marco walks in the door and sits his bags down in the living room. Marco's dad comes out of his bedroom to a shock to see Marco standing there. Marco's dad says to him
 " you are home very early, son. Is everything alright? Marco looks with a puppy dog face. " Hey Daddy, I thought you would probably be at work. Yes sir everything is going good I'm fine for the most part."  Marco hands his father the report card as he sits down on the couch.
Marco's dad says " I see," 
Marco's father opens the report card and begins to read it and as he's reading the report card his face turns a dark red and his face begins to have a very angry look. He looks at Marco with disgust and tells him to go into the bedroom and wait for him there. Marco is trembling at this moment he has no idea what his father is about to do or how he is about to do it but he knows for a fact that this may be the worst ass whooping that he ever received. 

" Daddy please let me explain I can explain all of this." 

Marco's dad simply looks at him and says there is nothing to explain to my boy everything is here. You have lied to me all of this time you really had me thinking that you were doing all that you can to make sure that your grades came up but as I see you have a failing grade in every course and it says that you were absent for more than 15 days and that you were late more than 15 days and what is this that I see all these assignments that have not been turned in? Do not think I forgot the statement that you made earlier. 

Marco turns away , walks quickly to the bedroom, and begins to remove his clothes. Marco hears his father rambling on and here's the gathering of the paddles and other implements. Marco's father walks into the bedroom and sets up all of the implements on the bed. He stands and says nothing but just gives a long glare as Marco stands in his underwear facing the wall. 

Marko: Daddy please, I know I have angered you with my behavior and disobedience, please daddy. I feel bad enough. 

Marko's Father looks at him and says " Boy, I work hard to give you the best things in life and you return the favor with disrespect not only to myself but to yourself. Do you think your chubby ass would get away with these antics without it ever coming to the light? Well, today I am going to ware that big chubby fat ass out." 

Marko stands in the corner with his hands on top of his head dressed in his grey underwear,

Marko's Father walks behind him and grabs his tight and squeezes, giving Marko a burning pinching sensation.


He lets go and walks over to the bed and gets the hairbrush and walks back over to him.

He puts one hand on Marko's shoulder as he takes his other arm and raises it high and comes down swiftly making a strong connection to Markos fat cheeks. With every swack of the hairbrush, Markos ass giggles and shakes. After two hundred warm up swacks as Marko tries his best not to scream, because he knows that his friend is listening as well as the other neighbors. Marko's Father steps back and walks back over to the bed and gets the bathbrush. Marko says " Daddy please, I have learned my lesson, I will get back on track, Daddy, Please Daddy." Marko's Father turns with the bathbrush and says " Time and time again, I have warned you and given you plenty of room to grow, but you have taken that for granted. I trusted you with full faith and you have slapped that down, so now you will feel the pain that I do and with that the pain that your chubby ass will feel, will remain with you for a week or more and we get done there will be another spanking coming after dinner. 

{ Jazzy is in his condo, in his bedroom next door with his ear to the wall. Jazzy is dressed in his wrestling singlet laying on the bed with his hands on his little penis. Jazzy hears the smacks on Marko's spankable rounds chheks and remembering his hands being on them earlir that day.} 

Marko says " Oh, Daddy, Please not the bath brush, I am sorry, Daddy" Marko's Father says " So, my spankings don't affect you anymore since your ass has gotten bigger? " Marko stops sobbing and drops to his knees and says " Oh, Daddy, Please I was just joking, Oh, Daddy, No!!" Marko's Father grabs him up by the ear and turns him around and begins beating his underwear covered ass with the bath brush. After thirty minutes had passed Marcos father stops and walks over to the bed and places the bath brush back on the bed. At this point Marco is still standing in the position but sobbing and crying trying not to rub his ass. 

Marco's father goes into the top drawer of the dresser that is sitting in the corner and takes out the spanking cream and walks over to Marco and he Yanks down his underwear. Hey Bends Marco over and applies the cream to his red, chubby, fat round bottom. Marco wences at the touch of his father's hand.


After applying the cream his father goes back over to the bed and grabs the leather strap he walks over to Marco take some by the ear and lays him the back of the chair he brings his arm up without any hesitation and begins to swat him with very strong strokes leaving Marco screaming and whining and yelping. 

Marco tries to stay in position but he spreads his legs even more bringing his body up on the cliff of the chair, which moves his buttocks properly in place. Marco's dad makes a count of each Swat. Marco's dad tells his son to count out each Swat. 1.. Sir.... 2.  Sir 3,,, Sit.... [ 57x's}. 

2 hours have passed since Marcos punishment started and his father believes that he has learned his lesson. He goes back and puts the strap back on the bed as Marco grips the chair trying to stay in position

and catch his breath he is hoping he is praying that this punishment will end. Marco has never been punished this way before, he is a boy that always got away with a lot other than the maintenance making that he got on a regular basis this type of spanking he has never had.
Marco's dad walks over to him and he begins to tell them how much he loves him and how much he cares for him and the only reason why he does what he does is because he wants him to be a standing up right boy someone who was smart intelligent respectful and respected.

Marco begins to cry as he falls into his father's arms. 

" I'm sorry Father please forgive me I know that I will do better not just because of the pain that I feel now, because of the dishonor that I have showed you and myself. "Marco's dad replies " yes my boy I believe you will" 

He then takes Marco by the hand and sits on the bed and puts Marco across his knee and finishes off with a good old-fashioned hard and spanking. 

Let this story be a clue to all of those boys out there that think they are getting away with things but sooner or later Daddy will find out in the same place Marco is in you will be as well.

Jazzy, overhearing everything that was going on as he lays there in the bed masturbating and having an orgasm three to four times. His bedroom door slowly opens and his mother is standing there watching him as she walks over to him grab some by the ear and pulls him up from the bed
and takes him out of the room through the living room to the front door. She opens the door and walks down the hall and knocks on Marco's door. Marco's dad answers the door after finishing up with Marco. 

To be continued! 

Copyright Plus Fernando

  Diego Erik Fernando Fernando arrives to the awkward sight of Erik in the corner with a red ass.  Fernando soon gets his own lesson in copy...