Saturday, April 9, 2022



Having just woken up, with a morning wood that he seems to think might need attention Viktor is still stretching when in busts Teodor waving a bill in his face. 

Teodor is furious that Viktor has been over spending and even though its early he sets about spanking the lad, and being angry he has got the paddle in hand ready to do it. 

Viktor being naked is ready for the paddling, although for obvious reasons he wishes he wasnt. 

Bent over the end of the bed he is just at the right height for the paddle to work its magic perfectly. 

The colour of his ass says that Viktor is paying for this high bill but not in the way he should. 

By the time Teodor finishes and leaves the room Viktor cannot decide if he should go back to bed and start the day again.

Red & White Stripes - Riley

After breaking up a drunken brawl between Sub-Lieutenants Alex and Diego and seeing them off for punishment, Lieutenant Riley remembers his own brush Commodore Coburn years earlier for a similar offense: one that included a solid dose of the slipper and cane.


Owen Belt and paddle

  Owen has turned up guilty and in need of a flogging.  So once he is stripped and restrained he gets the belt on the chest and belly.  This...