Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Jericho Showing Off



Red Boy Jericho 

New Spanking Model

Happy to introduce a new model for Discipline Matters. 


Dalmas is a boy from Kenya that I have the opportunity to talk with.  Dalmas is new to the spanking world,  but is definitely willing and wanting to know the spanking world. 

He also has a page on stripchat,  where he performs.  We are working on doing a few films, where he will be punished for all of antics. 

Dalmas,  is a hard working man that enjoys the thought of being spanked, but we will soon see that, the thought will be reality. 

Below is his first intro video and he says there is more to come. 

From Delmas

"  Welcome am dalmas follow me as we spank together.get more on my official page as handman2834.I request click and follow and let more tips comes thank u." 

Make sure to stop pass and check him out,  he will have latest updates here at Discipline Matters. 

Roasted, Spanked & Milked - Part 3

Oliver is almost done, he's not far away from finally being allowed to wank the cum from his cock and get that hot goo splashing.

The boy just needs to please Master Kane first, dressing up in his sexy uniform and taking a good spanking.

He can cry out all he likes, Master won't be done until that smooth little arse is red and sore and that long uncut cock is getting hard.

Watch as Oliver works his dick and gets his juices pumping, finally relieved that it's over, for now.

Oliver Wesley

He's not too familiar with the kinky side of sex but young and fit Oliver loves outdoor action and the thrill of getting caught

and that's the way a lot of boys get into the rougher stuff.

His long uncut cock really seems to enjoy the pleasure and pain of domination and he's ready to explore more with some of the best in the kinky business!

Teaming Up To Use His Holes - Part 2

Naughty student boy Elio needs a lesson, and you can bet Master Kane and his assistant Flecos can deliver it.

After the threesome fucking of part 1 they share a little innocent circle jerking, but soon the boy is looking great in his school uniform, bent over Master's knee with his arse being spanked.

They return him to the bench, his bare cheeks ready for more slaps from Master and Flecos, but it's not long before they're back to filling his mouth and hot little pucker with their slippery bareback cocks.

They can't seem to get enough of the boy's snug arse and his greedy mouth, but who could possibly blame them?

Elio finally gets a little taste of fresh cum when his arse makes Flecos spill his seed, but there's more to come for the boy before they're ready to call it a night. Stick around for part 3!

Elio Amari

Gorgeous Elio is into kinky porn and likes to watch hot videos of edging, toy play and bondage, but apart from a couple of experimental experiences with other guys he's a novice.

He really likes the idea of being controlled and used by dominant boys and we have a lot of guys who want to play with him!

Carter's Wedgie Spanking

Carter is a 23-year-old college boy with a lean, defined body and a beautiful face. Today he’s come in for another spanking, and, as is often the case, he has no idea what’s in store for him. Tom stands Carter beside a rope with two plastic clips and asks him if he knows what’s about to happen. He says he doesn’t. He examines the clips closely, and says maybe they are to hang him by his feet. It isn’t until Tom is about to clip them to his waistband that he realizes he’s about to get an extreme wedgie.

Once Carter is clipped in and the wedgie begun, Tom spanks him with a riding crop, a leather strap and a leather belt. It’s a hard spanking that leaves Carter’s butt bright red.

However, more than that, this wedgie ends up like none we’ve done before. It goes farther because the briefs Carter is wearing are very high quality. For the first time, the waistband on the briefs doesn’t tear off. That leaves Carter fully suspended, off the floor, by his underwear, for some piƱata-style spanking.

Copyright Plus Fernando

  Diego Erik Fernando Fernando arrives to the awkward sight of Erik in the corner with a red ass.  Fernando soon gets his own lesson in copy...