Wednesday, September 21, 2022

18-year-old Cooper in the Spanking Tower.


Cooper is a hot 18-year-old straight boy. Today, Cooper gets a hard strapping in the spanking tower, and it’s almost more than he can handle.

The spanking tower is an unwelcome surprise, but not as unwelcome a surprise as is the leather strap.

Cooper has an extremely hard time with the strap.

He gasps and struggles under the sting of the strap, his eyes welling up with tears.

This strapping leaves him dazed, confused and obedient.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sunday Bonding

Sunday Bonding

The week and the main part of the weekend have gone by and this last day of the weekend is the best day to have a bonding day with your boy. Some may call it Daddy/Son time or day, but I always thought of it as Bonding. 
During the week there is the hustle and bustle of work and college classes or both and sometimes that gets in the way of spending quality time with your boy.  This means that nine times out of ten your boy has gotten into some mischief and created his own antics. Usually, this means that he is reaching for his dad's attention or he figures that " Daddy is not paying too much attention to me to notice my rebellious antics. 

This is why Sunday Bonding is important. 

Depending on your Sunday rituals, the day can start off in many ways, but it is always good with the daddy going to his boy's room and waking him up as he slumbers in his bed. Noticing him laying on his stomach in his tight and clean whiteys, might make a dad just want to smack or rub the boy's bottom but that is something that will happen later in the day.  The daddy would calmly and gently awaken his boy kiss him on the forehead and greet him with a smile and a "Good Morning, Son".

The boy looks up to his daddy with a smile and a quiet " Good Morning, Daddy", but then again, it all depends on if this is your first time having Sunday Bonding. If it is a fact that when he is usually awakened by daddy, means that he is going to get his daily maintenance or a misbehavior spanking, he will look confused by the smile and look of calmness on your face. This ritual will take some sons off course, but that's okay. Just smile back at him. 

After the boy goes and brushes his teeth and washes his face and comes downstairs smelling the aroma of breakfast cooking and freshly grounded coffee brewing, normally he will feel since of calmness but yet confused still. In his mind, he should be over the daddy's knee getting a spanking, but instead, he is in the sitting room, wondering and anticipating daddy to come around the corner with his hairbrush in his hand. 

One of the best things about this ritual is that the daddy should be dressed the same as his boy, yes, in his Tighty Whieys as well. Why is that? Because it gives the boy some type of comfort in knowing " Daddy dresses like me too" and so many other things.

The thing of it all is to get into your son's head and show him love and care. Note that it is not all about spanking { Sometimes} This Sunday Bonding is about opening your son's mind and emotions. 
During breakfast, daddy should talk to his son about his week at the office and also make sure to engage the son in the conversation, make sure not to ramp and rage about the job. Ask the son how his week was, which would be a segway into talking about his mishaps and things that were not done that should have been done, but in this conversation keep a normal tone and keep the boy in a calm state where he can open up to you and talk freely. At this point, the dad should allow some space for cheekiness as long as it remains respectful. 

The son at this point will begin to enjoy the conversation and take in daddy's words with excitement and will be drawn in by the father/son connection. 

Sunday bonding is a great way to end the weekend but we must not forget about the discipline / spanking part of this day. This part of the day is very important and should not be overlooked or should it not be excessive. Typically, after breakfast and the clean-up of the kitchen. Daddy would call the son over to the table in the kitchen, while he is sitting in the chair and bring the son over to his lap. At this point, the son is thinking " I was waiting on this" but what he will not realize is that this will not be a typical morning spanking, The daddy will lay him across his lap and explain to him the meaning of this section, whether it be " Morning Maintenance or punishment for his weekly antics". The daddy would smack his underwear-covered bottom with a swift and heavy stride. Daddy will administer twelve swats to his backside and let him up. Now, at this point, the boy is confused once again because he knows his spankings are much harder and longer, which ends up naked with a sore and red ass as well as tears flowing down his cheeks. Understand that daddy would not use an implement, he would administer the first spanking of the day with his hand. {Most spankers and spankees suggest  Hand spanking is a very intimate way of dealing with your son, especially when it is done while he is in the OTK position and both parties are naked}.

Throughout the day, Father and Son would enjoy each other's time together through conversation and jokes and having an intimate time.

Understand that in this situation there can be no sexual contact at all.

Why? Because this day is set for the father/son mind frame. Even if the relationship has its perks in the sexual field, Sex would confuse the day and mindset of the boy.  
At the end of the day and dinner has been served and both parties have eaten, The boy is to be instructed to go take a shower and go to daddy's bedroom and wait for daddy, undressed and in the corner.

Daddy would then get his implements together and wait for his son to get finished and do as instructed. Afterward, Daddy would meet the boy in his bedroom and have the assume the position for body inspection.

Daddy would check him from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, making sure every inch of him is squeaky clean. Daddy then would take his son over his knee and begin to give him an old-fashioned spanking, but starting off at a slow pace and gradually moving forward. 

The boy will let out cries and moans, but understand that the cries are not all because of the pain in his ass, also is because he knows this is what he needs and wants and he feels the love and cares that his daddy showed him throughout the day. 

This is something that I encourage all Father/Son relationships to do, but in their own way to strengthen their domestic discipline Relationship. 

Have a Great Spanking Week! 

Saturday, September 17, 2022


In our new series we also have a new format, when we can. The interview spanking is filmed and shown before the main event.

Pieter for his interview gets the cane and gets it hard, dropping him in at the deep end. As can be seen, he passes his interview well. Then on the day he turns up and tests the cane, as if he is having second thoughts, but he gives in and adopts the position.

The session that follows is a stunning caning that brings up some super welts on his ass. A super debut for Pieter and the new season.


A good spanking a day, keeps the bratty boy away.. 

Dorm Duo ;Phone Final Allen

Allen has arrived home where is supposed to be studying for an upcoming exam. Instead he immediate goes on his mobile phone.

When discovered not long after Mickey takes the errant Allen to task with an array of tools.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Introducing Mijio

In the spot light this morning, is someone who I have had under my wing for many of years. He has become a son in my eyes. 

Mijio, is a young man that made appearances on my past Google + community pages many years ago. 

No dought he is a young man that needs strict discipline and firm no nonsense spankings on a daily basis. 

He is definitely a bratty boy that goes beyond the line of obedience and seems to think that those lines are meant to be broken. His bratty and cheeky ways are what leads him to daily maintenance and misbehavior over the knee spankings.  

Mijio, is a boy that is needs constant attention; mentally, physically, emotionally and physiologically. 

No dought he is a naughty,bratty cheeky and disobedient boy,  but nevertheless he is mine. 

Mijio will definitely be making his appearance on Discipline Matters with his naughty red bottom.  

Stay tuned for further updates on his maintenance and antics that leads him to real domestic discipline. 

           The  Chronicles.             of Mijio ! 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Bad Boxer! Featuring Zack

Zack is not matching up to expectations and the coach is not happy.

He lost last nights match so to add to the humiliation the coach decides to give Zack a good spanking!

First on his boxing shorts then bare bottom with the paddle.

After receiving his punishment he is told to get busy and start training!

Joshua's Antics Results