Saturday, November 11, 2023

Paddled Round and Round


What to do when you have three lads that are facing a paddling? 

To Make sure they are all spanked equally and not one of them has a chance to miss out on any part of the punishment that's a hard call to make. 

So While they undress it is decided to make them line up and take a couple of heavy swats in turn.

 One by one they run in and bend over the bar and get their swats, then run back to join the end of the line again. 

It works a treat as the glowing butts show at the end of the session. 

Best way to deal with three at a time. 

Paddled Round and Round 

British Boys Fetish Club

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Brothers Flogged


These two together are a recipe for mischief and mayhem and that's why they are here today facing a good hard flogging. 

Restrained to a tree they get a belt flogging that should be a lesson for both to remember for a while. 

Starting off with some great shots to the front, belly, and chest - with one low one to the junk for Jamie, they start to look quite forlorn. 

The back flogging is just what's needed to finish off this super hot flogging for these two lads.

Brothers Flogged


Brotherly Love! 

Seems that Domton has been serving up two of a kind recently  and I am one to say " Thank You" . There is no other bond that is tighter than a brother and to be disciplined together is another sure way to have a tight bond. I am sure afterwards they probably gave each other a couple of smacks on their redden and tender boy bottoms. 

un jeu entre amis- A GAME WITH FRIENDS


Two actors have fun with each other by remembering the first film between them "by a stream". 

We filmed them... A GAME WITH FRIENDS Two actors play on a bed. 

They remember the first movie together: around a creek. 

We have filmed.

Spanking between friends.  

Bonding is a very important thing to do in a friendship, and what better way to bond than to add spanking into the mix. You would be surprised how many people would love to have this type of moment with their friends. Mutal friendly spanking. 

Let us admit, we all love a good massage and a couple smacks on the buttocks during a massage feels great! These two boys know how to have fun, get to know each other. They had made a film together, prior to this, but this one was no script. This was genuine fun. 



This is a great way to know your mates. Take the time out and check out this film. A great lesson on how to bond with your best mate. 

Aupr├Ęs D’Un Ruisseau : By a Stream


Two lovers walk along the path that enters a wooded area, that seems to be privet and peaceful. They begin to stare into each other's eyes while they begin to kiss and feel each other's beefy backsides. 

There is something about being alone in the woods with your mate that turns on a romantic switch inside you. 

Unfortunately, what seems is not always what it appears to be. The two lovers had walked in forbidden territory. Two of the owners were walking along the upper path, downward to where the two lovers were making out, and caught them " RED" handed. 

The Owners of the land were walking along, doing preventive maintenance on the land, and came across these two lovers Trespassing and decided to separate them and give them a lesson on being in the wrong place at the right time. 

The landowners have run across this before and as you will see they are very experienced in spanking teenage boys. 

They begin spanking them over their Jeans and then take them down and spank them over their cute underwear 

before revealing their round, thick, and curved spankable backsides. 

After the landowners have worked their discipline on these two "Nature lovers"  They go and take a break leaving them handcuffed and tied to the tree branches. 

These two boys have to learn that you can't always assume because assuming can make a red ass out of yourselves. 


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" The commentary is not the original content. The commentary was done by the owner of Discipline Matters" 

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