Saturday, May 4, 2024

Ryker and Robin caught Playing Around


The two lads have found the canes and are playing sword fighting with them. It's all good fun and they even go so far as to cane each other to see if they are as tough as they think.  

Caning each other on the trousers and shorts and down to the underwear they go, then back to playing with the canes. 

All seems good until they are caught and must get a really hard caning for playing around. 

The welts this time are real and they don't look quite so happy at the end of the session. 

Ryker and Robin were caught Playing Around

British Boys Fetish Club

It's never fun when the rabbit has the cane! 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Grant and Taylor pay Together


Grant and Taylor have been up to no good together so they have to pay for it, but to make sure that as they acted up together they are going to be flogged together, and not side by side. 

they are suspended together so they are face to face. 

This is very humiliating and they are both very uncomfortable with the position. 

As one squirms round the other comes into the shot and the action is hot all the way through the clip. 

{ Priceless Shot} 

It's a great new way to punish two lads simultaneously. 

Grant and Taylor pay Together 

Domnton7Domnton7/ Bad Boys Gang 

Monday, April 29, 2024

Coach Harrison Spares the Rod: Part 1


With missed sessions, tardiness, and his commitment to practice being challenged Steven is left squirming and begging for mercy as he faces the coach's wrath for a range of behavioral issues.  

In his gym gear, Steven faces the consequences as his bottom gets thrashed.  

Coach Harrison gets to the bottom of things leaving Steven a very sorry boy with a tender bottom as a reminder of what will happen if he doesn’t behave properly.

Pool Paddling


The two lads, Jamie and Jarett are caught playing pool when they should be outside in the garden working. 

So it is only right that they are punished at the scene of the crime. 

They strip off bend over the pool table and get a good paddling.

 Paddling them side by side makes the session better as they have to try and be a little tougher than the other.

 Makes no difference the paddling of course and they both have throbbing butts in no time at all.

 A great paddling for these ever-naughty lads.

Pool Paddling

British Boys Fetish Club

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