Friday, December 3, 2021

Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation “Brush Strokes 1 and 2”

Brush Strokes 1 and 2

Starring Robin Palmer

Only $14.99 (Usual combined coast $30.90)

Brush Strokes

When you need a job doing its often best to get the right people. When one Neighbour thought he was doing a local lad a favour in finding him an odd job he got a real shock!

The boy in question Derek (Robin Palmer) had been asked by the neighbour (Marco) to repaint the walls of a room at his house. The uncle had other business to deal with that day so left his nephew to get on by himself.

This was to prove a big mistake. Instead of getting on with the paining the lad decided to try his hand at some obscene artwork.

However, being even more naughty, he also helped himself to The neighbour’s beer supply. This is not going to go down well when his Uncles returns. Perhaps he can paint out the artwork before then though.

Too late! The neighbour is back and he’s not a happy man at all. His young nephew is going to get the spanking of his life. How dare he abuse his home in such a way!

This boy needs teaching a real lesson and his bare bottom will be scorching red by the end of it!

Brush Strokes 2

That ultimate naughty brat, Robin Palmer, is up to mischief again, and gets the bare bottom spanking he always so richly deserves.

It seems some people never learn, including Robin’s Dad (Johan Volny) he decides to give the lad another chance at working for him even though the last attempt for his Uncle Marco had gone so disastrously wrong.

No sooner has he left him to it than the little devil gets up to his usual tricks.

With a purloined beer in hand he begins to shine creatively with his own ideas on how the wall should look!

It certainly isn’t what his overly trusting Dad had in mind and consequences are sure to follow. When it comes to discipline his Dad can be just as energetic in adding some colour.

By the end Dad has added plenty of colour, where it was most needed, and Robin is left wondering if the word he painted on the wall really applies to him!

Brush Strokes 1 and 2


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