Saturday, October 16, 2021


Viktor is trying to start the day well, he is doing the dishes. But he is making a real noise doing it and that’s not good as Dimitri is on the phone and can’t hear a thing.

Finally, losing patience, Dimitri grabs hold of Viktor and drags him into the salon and makes him kneel over the coffee table.


He spanks the lad hard to try and get the point over that it’s polite to be quiet when some else is on the phone.

a spanking on the boxers, the bare ass set starts but Dimitri feels he has to really wake the lad’s ideas up.

 he grabs a butt plug and inserts it into Viktor.

A great addition to any spanking and judging by the moans coming from Viktor, an addition he could do without.

A really good walloping follows and it’s no surprise that once the plug is out and Viktor heads out of the room, he looks like a lad corrected.

Piano Tutor- Max

Max arrives late and is perplexed to find a naked Aiden practicing piano with a red bum.

Soon Mr. Palaiologos arrives gives Max a try at the piano.

When his performance is equally dismal, Max gets some fine-tuning of his own before joining Aiden for a duo send off.



In this third episode and the final day of the camp, Prince will discover that not getting up on time and not doing homework can have serious consequences 

on his butt.

A two-day course is not enough for sure!

Dans ce troisième épisode et dernier jour du stage, Prince va découvrir que  ne pas se lever à l’heure et de ne pas faire les devoirs peux avoir des conséquences graves sur ses fesses. Un stage de deux jours n’est pas impensable

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