Friday, September 24, 2021

Party- Boy- Memories

Good morning my followers and viewers. 
On this Friday morning I want to take some time out to talk about the film " Party Boy".

This film was created by the legendary Eastbourne and his production daddy's boy. Party boy also start Stephan

Party boys theme was a theme that,  I think almost everybody has been through well I guess I can say everybody that live a domestic discipline life. 

A young boy who is caught up in the partying lifestyle and is drinking so much that his friends actually had to go to his father and rat  on him.

Now this could have gone two different ways because they might have ratted on him because they wanted to see him get punished or they really cared enough about his drinking habit and they knew that a good hard and long sound spanking from Eastbourne would do the trick. 

For those who have not seen this film I'm not going to give it away too much but those who have seen it and is a part of your catalog, you know what I'm talking about. 

Just like the Eastbourne that I knew, he starts out with a very Father figure type of conversation with Stephen about the things that he has heard. 

But with Stephan being Stephan, always thinking that something is  funny and the world is full of funny comics. 

Steven learns very quickly that this situation has no comic relief. 

Being sent to the corner for a very short time he is called out by Eastbourne. 

Eastbourne begins to take down Stephan's pants and also removes his tight blue shape revealing boxers. 

Steven goes across Eastbourne's knee bare bottom for a series of powerful and meaningful hard swats of the hand. 

Eastbourne as the father figure he was, gives a meaningful lecture while his hand rips through Stephan's bum. 

As always Stephan tries to protest until he realizes that protesting is not going to get him out of this situation.

Eastbourne, then instructs Stephan to get undressed fully. 

Stephan gets up off of Eastbourne's lap and removes his blue boxer briefs ( which I love to see him in) and his jeans and socks. I believe  ounce again,

we all have been at this point when our faces drop in knowing that Dad is about to wear our buns out! 

As Stephan is fully naked and goes back across Eastbourne Daddy's lap. Eastbourne gives Stephan a bit more of the hand and the magnificent hairbrush! 

Stop pass Spanking Discipline to see this film plus many many more of Stephan's antics resolved in a good hard spanking across his beautiful round, brown and tanned cheeks.. 

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