Monday, November 1, 2021


Danny spends so much time on the phone and it really annoys Ryan. It is especially annoying when he is trying to talk the lad and all he gets is attitude.

This time its too much and the dismissive bla bla hand from Danny is red rag to a bull. The phone is snatched away and thrown across the room and Danny is thrown to the floor.

Seeing the lad land ass up Ryan wastes no time at all, the lad is presenting his rear perfectly all he has to do is squat down and take full advantage of it.

Its been a while since we saw Danny but he is as spankable as always and his choice in underwear shows off his small pert butt well.

Bare assed and spanked, just what a lad with attitude needs and gets when they upset a top like Ryan A super clip with Danny and a fabulous unusual position.

Yes, I Know this an older film, but it deserves a repost! 

Danny is his nylon type of  underwear being bent over and given a good hard and long spanking is a sight that needs to be seen over and over and over again! 

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