Saturday, February 5, 2022

Le' Policier Stagiaire

 The Trainee Policeman  

Curieuse  Methode 

This morning, I was speaking { VIA email} with Domonique and he had sent me this film. We were speaking about the old-school spanking films and how to bring back, what was so-called lost.  

SPK- PROD has many great films that were released many years ago and they are still on the market. 

After receiving this particular film, Dominique informed me that there is no written storyline/ subtitle to go with this film as of yet. But I am sure we can put two and two together and feel where the director was coming from when this was first produced. 

Seemingly, The trainee was ordered to bring in the suspect and hold him for questioning. The suspect was trying to talk himself out of being arrested and the trainee came up with his own idea for justice. 

The trainee told the suspect " We can do this in two ways, the choice is up to you. I can book you in or you can take a spanking and I will tell my sergeant that you were clear and I released you" 
The suspect begins to think about it and weigh out his odds. He chooses to take the spanking. 

The trainee takes him over his knee and spanks his thick ass with his hands over his jeans then pulls them down and gets a good look at the suspect round, thick, and plump spankable ass as the boxer briefs fit closely. He begins giving him his just deserves and decides that the underwear must go. 

What a delight to see the trainee spanking the suspect to a reddish shade, giving him something to think about the next time he wants to commit a crime. Soon the spanking comes to an end and out of nowhere, the Sergeant walks in. 

Looks like the idea, the trainee had was not protocol and we all know what happens to boys who do not follow protocol 

I'm not going to give it all away, but you all should stop past SPK-PROD and check out this film and many others. 

Stay tuned for more awesome work from Dominque and the boys at SPK -PROD. 

Follow the link here and enjoy all the awesome spankable asses from A-Z Old to New! 

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