Thursday, April 14, 2022

Josh Spanks Russell


Josh is an 18-year-old straight boy who, before coming to us, had never been spanked. Moreover, Josh has never had sex. Not only has he never had sex, but he has also never had any type of sexual contact with anyone. He has never kissed a girl (or a guy, for that matter). He has never even asked a girl out or been on a date. Josh is an ABSOLUTE virgin.

Russell is a cute teenage twink. He's married and his wife knows he is doing videos. He was subject to frequent bare-ass spankings in his younger years and thought that spanking was in his past. Turns out he was wrong!

Josh Spanks Russell

Tom has spanked Josh (age 20) and Russell (age 19) individually. Josh has spanked a couple of our other models, but Tom is the only man who has spanked Russell (except for discipline when he was younger). Today, Josh puts Russell over his knee and spanks him.

Russell has a hard time with the sting of spankings, and today is no exception. He’s more than a little embarrassed to be spanked over the knee of a young man whom he has just met and who’s only one year older than him. 

Josh spanks Russell by hand and with a silicone paddle, a birch and a long plastic shoehorn. Russell kicks, squirms and grunts as the sting of the spanking grows.

 Josh seems more comfortable as a spanker these days, though he doesn’t seem fully comfortable with a naked boy over his lap. He casts a couple of furtive glances at Russell as he’s stripping down, but whether they are accidental is unclear."

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